Time for a graphics card uipdate

  Actor One 13:25 15 Feb 2010

Now three years old I think it`s time for an upgrade, I currently have a XFX Nvidia 8800GT XXX Alpha Dog (no tittering at the back), it`s, how shall I put it, all letters & numbers & no grunt, even though it`s pre-overlocked, it`s very tempremental, sometimes falling over at the drop of a gravity gun.

I`m not yet going to upgrade the PC as it was built to my ordered spec by Scan, so for the moment I will only probably upgrade to Windows 7, & I`m looking at a new Graphics card around £180 - £200, or less.

System is an Asus Striker Extreme MoBo, and Q6600 G0 Quad Core with 4GB RAM.

Suggestions any buddy...?.

  GaT7 14:05 15 Feb 2010

What's the PSU make & model number? Or, the PSU's total wattage & +12V rating(s) in Amps? E.g. this pic click here shows a Enermax 1000W PSU with 5x +12V rails each with 17A. And does it have 2x 6pin PCI-E power connectors?

How much space do you have in your case for a long(ish) graphics card? I'm looking for this measurement click here. Is it an ATX / mATX case, & do you have any other cards installed in the PCI/PCI-E slots?

If the above proves OK, then an ATI HD5850 click here would be the card to go for, even if it's a shade over your budget. But if you'd like to stick to your budget, then an ATI HD4890 / Nvidia GTX275 would be suitable. All 3 cards compared at TomsHardware click here. The HD4890 would be preferable as it's much cheaper than the GTX275 for similar performance. G

  AL47 23:43 15 Feb 2010

5850 def

  Actor One 10:58 16 Feb 2010

PSU = CoolerMaster Modular RS850ESBA 850w
Case - Antec P182
Memory - 4

  Actor One 11:14 16 Feb 2010

I got my dates slightly wrong, Unit is two years old, I moved house 3 years ago.... got them mixed up...!!

Full spec -

Asus Striker Extreme S775 NF6 Motherboard
Intel Q6600 G0 processor (not overlocked) 2.4Ghz
XFX 8800GT XXX PV-T88P-YDD4 512MB Graphics
PSU = CoolerMaster Modular RS850ESBA 850w
Case - Antec P182
Memory - 4GB Corsair TwinX 8500DOM DDR2
Two LG GSA-H55LBRL Black DVD Drives
Two Samsung SATA2 HD501LJ Hard disks
Creative XFI XTREAM Fatality Pro Soundcard
1 HRU-215A3 Floppy Combo 25-1 Reader

...are the newer ATI cards less power hungry than the older ones?... I quite like ATI as I have an seven year old XP machine with a Sapphire 9800 Pro Atlantis, which still runs XP games of the middle aged variety without batting an eyelid... never had quite the same smoothness with the XFX, always that feeling that something might trip it up.

Thanks so far Crossbow7 & AL47

  GaT7 12:53 16 Feb 2010

Yes, the PSU & case will be no problem, though the latter may be a little cramped for space. The rest of the spec is pretty impressive too, so the possibility of 'bottlenecking' the GPU shouldn't be a concern.

I notice you have a SLI motherboard. If losing out on the possibility of running 2x Nvidia cards at the same time in the future doesn't bother you, then go for a single ATI card.

My choice of cards still stand. If you can wait a few weeks/months, hopefully the HD5850 will drop into your budget range.

The newer breed of cards - both ATI & Nvidia - are relatively less power-hungry, though quite high all the same as many of the high-end ones need 2X PCI-E connectors each. But nothing your PSU couldn't handle with ease. G

  Actor One 13:10 16 Feb 2010

Thanks Crossbow7 lots to ponder.

  citadel 17:08 17 Feb 2010

hd5870 if it will fit in your case, if you can wait till nvidia dx11 cards come out there will be price drops. i can tell you the hd5870 plays fast with all graphics options on, playing borderlands now and it dosent reach 50% gpu usage and the fan is not at half speed.

  Actor One 22:39 20 Feb 2010

i`m going to wait awhile, I`ve just moved house so other things are in the queue, thanks for the advice.

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