'Time' a good word for a change

  Bapou 23:02 24 Apr 2003

After reading the adverse comments about 'Time'
and their computers, let me put a good word in for a change.

I bought my machine over l2 months ago, now out of guarantee,two weeks go I arranged to take it in to my local independant for a small job to be done.He's better at the innards.

Walking to my car I dropped the blasted thing, that's it my computing days over. Continued on to the shop,explained what had happened He called me a few choice names and said to come back in 3 hours.

I did so to learn I could carry on computing, apart from the case being a fraction out of true everything was firmly in place,the small job completed and it all works as intended.

Call me one of the lucky one's, maybe, but 'Time' must have done a good job in the first place.

  Forum Editor 23:09 24 Apr 2003

"Charmed" and "life" spring to mind.

It's always good to hear some positive news, and I think an extra bouquet should be winging its way to the manufacturer of the hard drive, don't you?

  Time Group - Chris 10:31 25 Apr 2003

What made you think that it wouldn't survive a fall?

We test them by dropping them out of planes you know! ;)


  Time Group - Chris 10:32 25 Apr 2003


  Time Group - Chris 10:35 25 Apr 2003

It's hard to post when your skydiving!

I meant to say -


I can see the 'My Time PC fell out out of a plane and you said it would work' posts now!

Cheers - Chris

  Foolsbane_1 11:01 25 Apr 2003

That's funny! I just tried it with mine, and it didn't work!

  Bapou 17:46 25 Apr 2003

That's how I came to drop it Chris, I was do busy watching he skies for one of your planes!!

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