Time Courtesy Calls!

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 22:11 25 Jun 2003


Thought I'd mention that TIME called me yesterday evening in regards to my purchase of a TINY PC many years ago.

Asked how it was going!! What I used it for, what upgrades I'd made, what purchases I made, do I use Digital cameras etc...

Then would I like to upgrade my machine, offered details of how this could be done etc etc, they are offering deals on printer cartridges would I like to buy etc..

I was surprised, didn't know that they'd started telesales. Anyone else had one?

  Sir Radfordin 22:13 25 Jun 2003

It can't have been expected that Time bought Tiny for no reason at all. They now have a long list of people who are perhaps thinking of replacing or updating their computers. Its a marketing goldmine.

  ams4127 19:59 26 Jun 2003

Oh Sir Radfordin, you little old cynic you!!

  Andybear 20:20 26 Jun 2003

I haven't received any calls off Time (I've never bought anything from them) but I did receive a letter from Mesh today, with a voucher for £50 off a new computer, to be used by the end of July. Apparently I'm one of 6,000 customers drawn at random from their database :-) I only bought my present one six months ago so I won't be using it.

I have never had any sort of courtesy call from time, even from my machine brought back in 1997.

Perhaps they dont like me....

Anyhow, the benefit of knowing how to build them, means i know what i am getting in a machine...

  Jonah(without the whale) 20:34 26 Jun 2003

I received a call from the company a5 a very timely time (no pun intended) - my Tiny 19 inch screen had recently given up and had been repaired. I was therefore rather sensitive about the on-site warranty I had parted weith hard-earned for about three years ago. The caller was polite, informative, gave me a reasonable story - that was OK. He also expected me to buy a new printer on the spur of the moment during that call, and the offer (can't recall it now) was fairly attractive. I had spare cartiridges for my current printer so it was not a good time, so I didn't take the bait. It was a helpful but sales oriented call. At another time it might have been annoying.

  rickf 21:16 26 Jun 2003

Hi Pilch, Perhaps Time knows you can build your own. No offence I just could not resist it as the thought came to mind.

They do... I have told them a few times though, the machine back then where poor quality as was Customer Service, and i hope they have improved more, but reading what goes on still, they have got better, but still have problems that it is left to the time representitive on here (Chris) to sort.

  H-J 23:02 26 Jun 2003

Just a thought, but do you own your own time computer, or is it really borrowed -as the name suggests?


  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 13:32 27 Jun 2003

Hi Hugh

You know I'd never thought about that!!!! It has nothing to do with TIME Computers but thanks for pointing it out.

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