Time Computers In Trouble..

  BigMoFoT 10:05 26 Jul 2005

I've heard today that Time Computers have had to shut all there retail stores as their bank, HSBC refuses to process any credit card payments. Apparently this has been on the cards for the past few months because staff have been paid late for the past few months.

Has anyone else heard anything? Daniel Warren can you comment?

  spuds 10:27 26 Jul 2005

The possible story! click here

  Total Care Support 11:34 26 Jul 2005

Hi BigMoFoT,

To clarify it is not the bank refusing to process credit card payments there is a dispute with regard to card charges with some of the stores. Online and via the telephones we are trading as normal, and we are in discussion with the Bank with regard to the dispute and this will hopefully be resolved very shortly. But as I am sure you can understand we have to help the bank with any investigation they wish to carry out.

With regard to the staff being paid late for the past few months, its the last two months that the processing of the wages has been 12 hours later than expected the first time was due to an unforeseen strike at the bank concerned with paying wages, the second time was due to a hiccup with who hit the send button due to offices being redecorated.

The unfortunate thing with rumours is that people take a little information from here and a little unrelated information from there add 4 and 4 and get 96.


There are a nice few errors in the story on ZDNet, none of our Customer Services Staff have been sent home and I am sure that the staff here would love to know they are meant to be at home doing the gardening, the support is open as normal and any customers who have spoken to these guys will confirm as usual the Customer Services is open 08:30 to 17:30 and the technical support is 24/7 without a break.

It also mentions in that link “a union source said” this is intriguing, as we have no union representation on site or within Granville Group. And ZDNet even describes them as rumours.

Best regards

Daniel Warren

  stalion 12:15 26 Jul 2005

Thankyou for your information from a die hard Time Computer Supporter.

  BigMoFoT 12:57 26 Jul 2005

it were the shops that had been sent home? Anyways I'm sure all will be revealed - Daniel you mention union reps? I thought Time didn't recognise unions and that GMC had been trying to get Time employees to join a union so that a majority representation would swing it or summet along those lines...

Well it's near the end of the month and most employees get paid then so we'll know again in a few days what the situation is really like...

  joesoaps 13:39 26 Jul 2005

My cousin who works for Time at Simonstone has been told that Head office has gone into liquidation.

Tell me it's not true Daniel.I was hoping for a job there.

  Total Care Support 14:50 26 Jul 2005

Hi joesoaps

That is news to me, I am still sat at my desk carring out work the same as any other day, it is just more rumours. Over the years many myths have sprung up from one time (no pun intented) to another about us. And with the advent of the internet rumours and myths are able to be spred faster and more easily with none of the checks that control the land based media.


  pj123 17:52 26 Jul 2005

Daniel I don't want to put a damper on your career but check this out and tell us what it means?

click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:14 26 Jul 2005

A search of the more authoritative BBC news site found no such stories.

  961 19:13 26 Jul 2005

However, typing Time Computers into Google news will produce a different result

  Forum Editor 23:33 26 Jul 2005

that rumours and counter-rumours are flying thick and fast at the moment, and matters can only be made worse by speculating in a web forum.

Like many other people I have seen reports of comments supposedly made by people who work for the company, and comments made by the management - including those made here by Total Care Support. On the face of it there would appear to be a considerable difference between what members of staff are quoted as saying and what the management is saying. I propose that we avoid further speculation - the real truth will become apparent pretty quickly I should think, and in the meantime we should avoid fuelling the rumour mill.

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