Time Computers - Scanner Problems

  deannatrois 03:26 18 Jun 2003

I received a Time S3809 Powerstation+ computer about six weeks ago. Overall the specs of the PC did and continue to impress me.

However, I have had problems from day one with installing the Visioneer One Touch scanner also supplied. At first it was missing a file, which Time were unable to help me with but I was able to get basic scanner functions going (it wouldn't scan to disc but I didn't need that function too often so could obviously work around it). The manufacturers own web site wouldn't let me register the scanner/software and without doing this I could not access their tech support. Then I found this site and saw Chris' responses to problems with Time PC's and contacted him. It did take 3 weeks to get a useful response but eventually a tech support person phoned me and told me that there might be a problem between the Visioneer scanner software and the Instant CD/DVD software and to uninstall/reinstall the relevant software, making sure I reinstalled the Instant CD software last. I did this and now have a completely non-working scanner. When I try to install the scanner, my PC can't detect it at all, installing the software makes it go crazy (it installs ever single file seperately on the start menu). I have spent hours uninstalling and attempting to reinstall it to no avail. It just won't work at all. I have tried every trick I have used successfully in the past.

10 days ago I emailed Chris again informing him that the scanner was now completely non working and useless and saying that under the Sale of Goods Act I had a right to return the scanner but I was happy to pay extra to upgrade/swop it for a HP scanner they have on their catalogue. I asked for a reply within 7 days as I couldn't manage without a scanner for long.

I have heard nothing. What next?

  Time Group - Chris 09:42 18 Jun 2003


Apologies for the delay - the team that works for me is currently going through some changes and it seems that you have slipped through the net during the change around. Please accept my apologies.

I will make sure that you are contacted today.

Cheers - Chris

  deannatrois 04:05 21 Jun 2003

I have read the bad opinions of Time Computers and can understand people's annoyance but I must say that I even had problems with Dell's customer service, persuading a tech support person that my PC's beeping and other problems demonstrated with certainty that my hard drive had serious problems. She didn't seem to know anything about a PC's warning system and suggested I wipe the HD yet again. Eventually they did agree to look at the PC and replaced the HD. This is a company, with, at the time, a supposedly knowledgeable and obliging customer support system unequaled by other companies.

I did buy my Time computer with a little trepidation and was extremely grateful to find Chris' email address here as I refused to pay 50p or £1 a minute for tech support that wouldn't necc. help when I did have problems. It has taken a little bit of time but my scanner has now been replaced at no cost to myself (it arrived today, 36 hours after I was told it would arrive within 7 days) and I must say that any phone calls made since I reported a problem have always been polite with Time doing their best to help (and they called me, not the other way around). There has sometimes been a slow response to my postings and emails but once they got going, their response was everything I could have hoped for.

I now have a very good spec PC for the price I paid and am a completely satisfied customer.

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