Time computers - never again

  johnboyblue 17:43 08 May 2004

I post this as a warning to anyone considering purchasing a Time computer. I bought a high spec laptop for my daughter to use at University. Within weeks it started shutting down without warning. No virus problems could be detected. To access support I had to phone the Time helpline at £1 per minute. The help offered is poor and there is no continuity from one call to another. I have spent over £200 on phone calls to Time.(It is almost impossible to persuade the helpdesk to take a machine back for repair - hence the high phone bill) The machine has been returned twice and has a new motherboard and CPU. It still misbehaved! I asked Time for a full refund as advised by consumer advice as the fault began within 6 months of purchase. Time ignored my letters and only on threat of legal action send a point blank refusal. They had the nerve to suggest I phone their helpline!!! My daughter is left with a useless machine and I have spent over £1200 with Time. Never again.
I am johnboyblue

  rickimalone 17:59 08 May 2004

Did you not pay by credit card??? refuse the goods and get your credit card to refund you and get them to take up the fight.

Credit Consumer Act???

  johnboyblue 18:14 08 May 2004

The deal offered 6 months interest free credit. I have copied each letter to the Finance Company (First National Tricity Finance) and they have monitored the situation but say that they cannot cancel the agreement without written instruction from the retailer.

  josie mayhem 18:26 08 May 2004

Have you contacted your local trading standards?

The will not only confirm what exactly what your rights are under the comsumers act, but also help you with sorting this matter out.

  Chronos 18:38 08 May 2004

and there are still those on this forum who say give them a chance...they have had that.

lets just hope you get your money back...

a lesson to be learnt here..............

  961 18:53 08 May 2004

I do not agree that the finance company cannot help

Consult citizens advice or trading standards

  rickimalone 18:58 08 May 2004

I hope thing get sorted for you, I'm sure some in here will point you in the right direction.

  Spook Tooth 19:04 08 May 2004

I've had similar experience with a Tiny laptop bought some years ago, this was also financed through First National Tricity Finance. I also had horrendous problems which related to a faulty motherboard, and after sending the machine back and claiming it was unfit for merchantable quality, FNTF interceded on my behalf after getting nowhere with Tiny.

Keep contacting FNTF and keep the name of the person whom you contacted. Try to build up a relationship with them, this will help hit the right spot with them - they were very unimpressed with the actions of Tiny in my case and took quick action to force them to refund my complete costs, this was well over 6 months also.

Good luck with it. Hope you resolve this to your satisfcation. Don't just let it slide either. Be persistent.

  viperick 20:42 08 May 2004

I too have had the same experience with time,
go to local trading standards and stick with taking legal action, it cost you to take them to the small claims court but they hope you can't afford it (I think it was about £200)allowing them to take your money while off loading you with inferior goods. Two days before going to court, the court informed me that Time had paid my costs and admitted liability under the sale of goods act. Go for it and dont forget to warn anyone else about the cost & stress it causes from buying from Time. Just because they flood magazines with adverts doesn't make them the best,
I felt a sense of achievement by telling teachers who pass on alot of advice to other parents not to buy from Time, it's amazing how many people approach you asking about where you would advise them to buy a computer from as they only knew of Time because of adverts, very satisfying telling them not to bother but go to a local pc shop who will build them one to their needs.

Good luck!

  spuds 21:19 08 May 2004

Contact FNTF again, and inform them under the Consumer Credit Act, you are holding them [FNTF] 'EQUALLY' responsible,to help sort out this problem.Some finance houses tend to stall on this issue, using their customers ignorance of consumer law as an advantageous stalling point.

Visit your local Trading Standards,and they will assist in drafting out a suitably phrased letter.They will also have the necessary leaflets available covering the subjects of Consumer Credit Act and other relevant legal consumer law.

Leaving the problem any longer may jeopardise your claim.Having to use a £1.00 per minute helpline, is just not on.

  johnboyblue 21:44 08 May 2004

Thanks for all of your support and encouragement. I will try to summon up the energy to pursue this further.

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