Time computers - disgraceful!!!

  Jomi 13:05 08 Aug 2003

Just an update, If you want to read the entire saga click here

After ringing Time computers yet again today, I was told that since I've been using the pc for over 3 months there is nothing they can do!!!!! What I should have done was to resolve the problem right away!!!! Unbelievable, what a disgusting way to treat customers.

The is surely no question now of a mistake, the simple fact is that I have been mislead, I have paid good money for something I didn't want, I have been kept dangling for months and now told it's all my fault, what a disgrace.

  john-232317 13:43 08 Aug 2003

I cant believe you would agree to a 500 quid upgrade, either over the phone or over the counter, without some sort of paperwork ?

Why didn,t you buy a new system for another few quid ?

  Kitz E Kat 13:54 08 Aug 2003

Read your entire saga,took awhile!!!!
So the way it looks to me is ,,, fob you off for 3 months, and then tell you its to late,that's the bottom line as i read it.

Gotta be a law against that sort of thing...

Good news travels fast..... Bad news news travels faster.....

I have a word to describe your treatment,, FE would not like it ...

Dont let it go..
Good Luck
Kitz E

  Jester2K II 14:06 08 Aug 2003

Do we really need another thread on this???

  Jomi 15:15 08 Aug 2003


  medicine hat 15:22 08 Aug 2003

I always like to read another thread about Time. Reminds me of the mid 90s - the last time I had anything to do with them

  madPentium 18:44 08 Aug 2003

Well, having read the threads, I'm stuck for words and I can't believe the slack response from TIME. Mind you, word soon gets round from customers and if I mention the name TIME to anyone, they simply laugh. It isnt the customer thats to blame for that. If TIME want some advice, I would say brush up on customer communications. They want you to nurse them through problems, not treat them like idiots.
I have read the comments on backing up, and I cant say I agree with them. I think it should be illegal for someone to decide to wipe your hard drive without your personal consent. Its your personal data, no one elses. Maybe a better approach would have been to call the customer and say it needs wiping, and even offer a backup service. This would make a customer happier than simply zapping everything with no warning. I take backups but if an engineer zapped my hard drive without asking me, I'd personally wrap the drive around his neck. What I cant understand is why the motherboard specified wasnt installed, and why they cant explain it? If you go shopping and pick a hotpoint washing machine and they deliver a lower spec model, would you be upset?
I personally think the 266 mobo would make a lot of difference in comparison to a 333.
I would go to a solicitor and take them to court to get all the money back, the service was obviously not what it was supposed to be.

  wee eddie 20:00 08 Aug 2003

No emailed specification, order number, confirmation of order, or address for the courier to deliver!

I'm sorry Jomi, I feel very sorry for you, but without such details you will be hard pressed to mount a case of any kind and will be likely to be throwing more money at a lost cause.

Surely the conversation with Time didn't go something like this. Did it?

Jomi: How much will it cost to fit X, Y and Z?

Time Helpline (Calcutta branch): £500.00

Jomi: OK - Here's my Credit Card Number - Where do I send the PC to?

  Jomi 20:18 08 Aug 2003

Wee eddie, That's exactly the point, this is a major national company, who would have thought that they do business like this, the whole issue is about trust or, if you prefer, the fact that I shouldn't have.

They phoned me! not the other way around, they used the fact that my address is on file as an existing customer, the man who called (I have his name) gave me the details which I wrote on the corner of a notepad.

It's obviously a working practice (to phone customers offering upgrades)and presumably a very successful one, I'm clearly not the only one who gives credit card details over the phone, it's how mail order works.

  madf 20:23 08 Aug 2003

I'm sorry but anyone who sends a computer away for repair with no backup taken of their data.. well words fail me.

You kept no backup.
No details of order.
no courier details.

I am afraid you sound like the kind of disorganised customer who (when I was in business ) we could make a load of money from BUT becasue they were so disorganised they screwed evrything up and made life a misery for us - blaming us for their mistakes.

So we preferred not to deal with them.

The law requires certain levels of competence from consumers " caveat emptor" etc. I'm sorry to be so unforgiving but ..

(and no I have absolutely no connection with TIME or the computer industry).

  Jomi 20:32 08 Aug 2003

have you actually read the post?
I already accepted that my ignorance was (at least partly) responsible for the loss of data and I dropped the issue.

I DO have the order number AND the courier details AND the name of the man who sold me the upgrade AND an invoice (which does not indicate the type of motherboard)AND details of the conversations with Time

Did YOU send invoices ahead to mail order customers BEFORE sending the actual order? I doubt it.
I am not disorganised and I am not blaming anyone for my mistakes, I know what I was told, I haven't received it, this ISN'T my mistake.

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