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  slim_uk 15:16 22 Jun 2004

Just over two years ago, we bought a new PC from Time. We were told in the shop that the software that came with it, included the full version of win me not the oem version. Untrue. Within the first month, the CD-rw drive needed replaced. this they did within 14 days. Although it did have to be collected and returned. Since then we have had to replace the Modem and graphics card. Time have phoned us on at least two occasions to try and get us to upgrade. When we tell the Guy on the phone anout the various problems we have had, he is not interested. We did try and do a recent survey on Customer Satisfaction Survey sent by PC Advisor. But kept getting an error message.
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This aside. I for one will not be Purchasing anothe PC or periphial from Time/Tiny/ or Computer world. Why is it that a Company like this are allowed to sell equipment that cannot last for more than two/three years. Is this why they want us to take out their Very expensive warranties?

  byfordr 15:43 22 Jun 2004

The cynical amoungst us would agree. Personally I think that you get what you pay for.

Unfortunately with Time there seems to be a lot of corners cut to get the price down. The badly built, and poorly spec'd machines I have seen from Time would lead me to never buy from them. Coupled with the problems friends and colleagues have had with them. Its worth doing some research on forums and magazines for reviews and opinions on products, but don't forget to ask friends and family what there experiences are of products.

At the end of the day you have to make choices and sometimes comprises (unless you have a hefty wallet) when buying a pc. To be fair most companies provide OEM versions of software to keep the price down. It varies whether full XP cds are supplied (Time are not alone in not supplying full disks) Attention should be paid to what components are supplied as a common trick is to have a vaguely worded description of things like graphics cards which may lead the unware into thinking they are better than they are. Also all warranties are not created equal. Check carefully the terms and conditions, also whether it is onsite. Some companies like Mesh have a active forum presence in the event of problems which seems to have resolved problems quickly for disgruntled forumites.


  byfordr 15:46 22 Jun 2004

compromises even doh!


  trail_looking 03:51 25 Jun 2004

a couple of points i have noticed with regard to the two posts above
" included the full version of win me not the oem version" OEM software depending on the supplier is a full version (some OEM manufacturers chose to edit this software down and are governed by strict guildlines within the license that they have with the original software as to what they are allowed to do for example they may be allowed to change the browser header bar to say their company name) Time as far as i am aware when supplying Windows Me did supply a full version of the Windows software the only diffrence was that you did not get the box or the Windows manual, which when you consider the price diffrence between a retail version of the software and a OEM full version of the same software at the release date was approx £80 (for a cardboard box and a manual).

"why they want us to take out their expensive warranties" there are lots of posts about this in this forum Time themselves seem to even have an active presence in the forum with one of their representives asking for ideas of for them to be able to try to offer solutions, what Time seem to offer is to sell you the customer hardware with a hardware warranty.
However, how many use a computer with out software on it? how many diffrent types of software is there out there with undocumented features ( what we all call bugs glitches and wonderful crash fretures) you just have to look at this forum to see the amount of issues people have with software.
As they have said themselves in this forum. If they include a support package with all thier machines as standard their prices would go up and then people would complain that they are being forced to buy something that they will not use... but i have noticed that those same people then come in here when they need the support that these Support Packages offer and say that they think it is awful that they have to call these support lines at x cost for issues that on the face of it can appear to be software related. if you know enough to come into a forum and post a complaint about a company why not come in here first and ask about a possible solution to your problem? It seems now days that people jump onto the lets blame some one else band wagon to fast rather than try to fix the problem themselves. A computer is a complicated piece of equipment yet we all install things on them and then install something else and then when it goes wrong its straight away the hardware manufactures not anything we could have done to it... to use an analogy when you buy a brand new car sure the garage may give you a free tank of gas. but after that its your job to refill it, its your resposibilty to make sure it gets serviced or MOTed and it is your resposibility that you know how to drive, have road tax insurance etc, all these diffrent things you have to do to maintain a peice of equipement you use. Yes again car garages may well off you a warranty or a mot or a service but do you have to buy them from them? if you did wouldnt you feel trapped? ok driving a car and using a computer is diffrent...
BUT you still should know how to use it.. computers can be used for some many diffrent things from playing a simple card game, to email, from playing a high resouces game to visiting those adult sites that your younger brother *nudge nudge wink wink* only went to once and now you can not get off your system, there are so many diffrent possible uses that the resposiblity HAS TO lay some what with the user to LEARN how to use their system either by books, friends, college OR HEAVEN FORBID paying for a support package.

  trail_looking 03:52 25 Jun 2004

byfordr to quote you "Some companies like Mesh have a active forum presence" so does Time! just look about. Its at present a guy called Daniel Warren. Not wanting to sound like i am standing up for them cause looking around the forums they have had problems but considering they are now (I think, might be wrong) the largest European manufacture of home PCs the ratio of complaints about them to the complaints about other Suppliers seems about the same, yet they have more machines out there, i personnally think this suggests that they might have a lower technical failure rate than some other companies.. but then again as so many people in here seem to be bias and enjoy slagging them off so much i will most like be classed as a crack pot, and people will not think about what i have said... lol

while writing this i looked about, not just this forum but a couple of others and also looked up some more info on Time for a company that has been going approx 20 years has over 10 million UK customers ships (according to their reps) between 20,000 machines a week or month depending on time of year. If they where as bad as everyone says they could not survive. also considering these numbers the percentage of complaints seems quite low so it should be how do they fix a problem on the chance one ocours. One intresting fact that I have found that they have posted is that last year they had less than 3% of their customers contact them, and of those 3% that 80% of contacts where sorted on the phone as they were software issues..
some quick maths (windows calc is a great thing my maths is not) 3% - 80% is 0.6% so only 0.6% of their customers last year contacted them with a hardware issue. (now i am sure i have that maths wrong cause that seems unbeliveabley low for any company, so i am sure some one will correct my maths)

OK rant over

  rotate 09:35 25 Jun 2004

2 years ago I bought a Time PC. Never again. I still have the PC case but what’s inside it is totally different to what I bought. First the DVD player had to be replaced. Second the Hard drive had to be replaced. Third the Modem had to be replaced. Fourth the CDRW had to be replaced. Not all of this by Time either as it was quicker to do it myself. I still had operating problems so in the end even bought a new Motherboard for it, upgraded the CPU, Memory and put Windows XP Pro on it. So I have a Time machine that’s not a Time machine if you see what I mean but it works 100% better then the original ever did and I paid a lot of money for it as well.

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