he he :-) 16:24 20 Feb 2003

Does Time really deserve all the stick it gets? As I have never had a time pc I wouldn't know

  tony777 16:49 20 Feb 2003

....Only Time will tell:)

Seriously though, I can't say I've heard anything substantialy good about this place at all, save a few customers, which seems to be just that. It's a pity, because there system specs on there website are not short on power, and they are cheap too. Hmmm maybe that could be it. You pays for what you gets:)


  he he :-) 17:03 20 Feb 2003

could some1 tell me what is wrong with them anyway.

  jazzypop 17:20 20 Feb 2003

Is this a purely academic question, or are you considering buying from them?

The generally-held view on Time PCs is that they produce high-performing PCs with a huge range of extras 'thrown in'. Whether these extras are of an value to you is debatable, and will depend on your particular circumstances. Their after-sales service is not rated highly at all. Again, this may or may not be an issue for you.

  he he :-) 17:22 20 Feb 2003

no I don't want to buy from them but I was just wondering whats wrong with them.

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 17:33 20 Feb 2003

looks like another one of your posts click here that could be answered by a search and some reading. every company has good/bad points even believe it or not PCW!! JAZZYPOP as put it as best as you will get unless you are trying to start a war!

  kced 19:26 20 Feb 2003

The reason I purchased a Time machine was for the 9 months interest free credit ( which I needed) but anyone prepared to give you a computer and wait 9 months for the first payment must be quite confident in their product. So far I've no regrets. I first had a Tiny for the same reason and again no regrets although I did have problems but these problems were caused by me being a complete novice. Not the fault of the computers and knowing this I did not use the warranty I fixed the problem myself

  ams4127 19:35 20 Feb 2003

My local branch of Tesco is selling Time packages at the moment. They seem very expensive to me.

  STREETWORK 19:59 20 Feb 2003

In the early days time was only realy interested in shifting boxes and not helping with problems encountered with their products. The boxes where sold by people were branch managers at the age of 18...hmmmm...

Their customer support has improved over the years and they survived the mistakes of others. I still have a time computer and although it is now only used as a back-up to the main system it has been running well but slow for years. The early monitors where naf, possibly still are but you can now get a reasonable box and buy a monitor for elsewhere.

Would I buy from Time? not at their current prices, better deals are out there somewhere....

  Pumas 20:39 20 Feb 2003

I have been put off buying a Time by all of my friends who have had one and advised me not to get one.

Strangely, no one has recommended them to me.

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