Three Mobile Broadband - endless problems.

  devilheart 16:03 28 May 2013

Hi,to all fellow sufferers who rely on a dongle to get online. I last made a post in August,2009 about appalling service from Three mobile broadband. I must be a masochist,for I've persevered for four years with these idiots ! Got creative today and wrote a poem about the whole sad experience.


3 network mobile broadband cause me more frustration and anger that any product or service that I've used in sixty years.

There is only one promise that they make about their dongle that is true – it is mobile. Though it rarely works.

Or,at least,works in a way that is anything like their advertising. If you can connect at all, and that's a huge if,

Your download speed will be so slow that you'll think that you've time-travelled back to 2000, and that you're using dial-up.

Which is what you are doing really, isn't it ? Your dongle's SIM card is like your mobile phone's, just glacially slow.

If it took you two minutes to connect to someone, you wouldn't like your phone nearly so much,would you ?

3 promise connection speeds “up to” 5mbps, which is as meaningless as saying your Kia could do 200mph.

My connection speed is around 1mpbs. I'm disconnected 20x a day, The network never tells me about planned engineering work.

The software is always inaccurate, saying I'm connected when I'm not, and showing me as disconnected when I've still got a signal.

As for the bars showing signal-strength, don't make me laugh.... They always show a full 5 bars, even if you're crawling along at 200kbps.

You read that right - speeds often sink that low. It would be quicker to send a pigeon to go and get the information for you !

3 lies about the amount of allowance I have left – it always lies ! They do this to lure those on contracts into expensive penalty fees.

Which is why I'm glad I use PAYG. It's still the worst thing I've ever know though. I hate it with a passion, It makes surfing the Net wretched.

Why don't I change networks then ? Well,who's to say another provider would be any better ? And 3 won an award as being the best !

According to signal-strength maps I live in a place with a good signal, though if it rains,or is sunny, forget about it !

To add to the misery,3 stole mucho credit from me,saying that they'd mistakenly over-credited me for three months !

Their error,for which I pay …. Whatever is wrong with 3 they will blame you for. There's no point complaining.

It would be like trying to reason with a brontosaurus. One good thing ( really ! ) about 3 are their helpline operatives.

They are in Mumbai,so expect to have to master many Indian accents. However,they are very polite, even if they're obviously reading from a prompt-sheet.

Top-tip : always ask them to ring you back, otherwise you'll be kissing goodbye to cash. It usually takes at least £5 to get a solution, so why pay to complain ?

In despair,I've often wondered who regulates 3 and other providers. No one,it seems,as they can promise anything and deliver little.

There must be huge bribes paid,is all I can think, for a service this awful and fraudulent to get away with it.

If you're thinking of getting a 3 dongle, be ready to enter a world of deceit, frustration and anger. Don't say I didn't warn you !

  alanrwood 19:58 28 May 2013


Sorry you are having a problem with the "3" mobile data network. I have personally been using it for some years at my caravan where I spend most of the summer and have found it very reliable and the fastest of the alternatives in that location (8 miles east of Penryth). I get a regular download speed of 2.7Mb/s which is the fastest the local transmitter can manage on 3G. It does occasionally drop off especially around 5 pm on a Friday. Vodafone is still GPRS and EE gets around 1Mb/s. I guess it is very dependent on location and how many others are trying to use the bandwidth at a particular time. Why not try Samba, at least it will not cost you anything in hard cash, just watch some adverts. Another alternative is Ovivo with 500MB per month free of charge.

  kad292 07:56 29 May 2013

alanrwood, Too true about Vodafone absolutely dire for me,ten minutes waiting for a page to load in a strong area before quitting ,with connection strong internet access constantly fails,how come.? BT FON which i am on now is excellent.

  sunnystaines 14:41 29 May 2013

I have recently had a problem with my "3" phone at a future address with reception. Their customer services cannot be trusted get a different pack of lies each time I phone. Their trouble is the call centre is in india and they probaly have no concept of mobile phones and dongles that they are discussing maybe just following a screen giving out standard answers.

found staff in their shops very helpful also their english tel number staff there helpful too.

their coverage is on the decrease now subject to the number of customers in the area, it maybe you are in an area with fewer "3" customers and they are scaling back coverage it has happened to me.

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