Thinking Of Upgrading Computer Any Advice Welcome

  the swede 00:21 01 Apr 2006

Thinking of upgrading my four year old computer but do not know much about the technicalities. Have a rough idea with regard to memory and hard disk capacity and computer speed but do not know where to buy online. My brother is a computer buff and can build one up for me if I asked him. Am I better buying complete or buying parts so that it can be built up for me. What would be the difference in cost roughly. Would be grateful for any help, I only need the actual computer, as all my accessories have beeen upgraded already.

  Devil Fish 02:55 01 Apr 2006

if you can give some idea of what you want to use the system for and what sort of budget your looking at we may be able to work out a spec and a rough price comparison

  SG Atlantis® 11:31 01 Apr 2006

Components to build a computer cost more than a prebuilt computer.

  spuds 12:03 01 Apr 2006

Personally I would consider what your have, and your computer buff brother should be able to advice there. Some computers are not worth the bother in trying to upgrade, and would cost far more than a newly purchased 'modern' computer system, with perhaps a good warranty.

Come back with the specifications of your computer, then someone may give their own views as to any possible recommendations and perhaps suggested improvements.

If you are not sure what your computer contains, then download one or all of these programmes for a computer report. Belarc click here SIW click here Everest (ex Aida32) click here and post what components you have.

  spuds 12:10 01 Apr 2006

Error with Everest link, try this click here Should mention that this is an older version, as Lavalys no longer support a free programme.

All of these downloads are free to download and use. Be a little cautious of SIW, it can find 'secret' information.

  Totally-braindead 12:42 01 Apr 2006

It depends whether your old computer has a lot of parts you can use in your new one. Otherwise its cheaper to get a new system.

  the swede 18:28 01 Apr 2006

Thank you for your replies, I have taken on board everything and have decided to go for a new computer. My computer has the following specifications:
1.7 gh intel celeron
8 kilobyte primary memory cache
128 kilobyte secondary memory cache
80gb hard drive
Atapi cd-rom 52xmax
Samsung cdrw/dvd
Floppy drive
. I would like something more modern, more speed. Was looking at the Acer Aspire T135 Desktop from ebuyer at a cost of about £270, anybody advse. My budget is about £400.

  spuds 19:14 01 Apr 2006

Ebuyer seem to have the T135 or similar models available on a frequent basis. One thing, is that they seem to sell very well. Not checked the site, but they usually come with Linux pre-installed.But remember that they are a lower budget starter machine.

  Dellman 21:50 01 Apr 2006

Mesh have some good deals at the have Dell!!

  Cybermaxx 11:27 02 Apr 2006

This one at the already mentioned MESH...... You don't need a monitor, speakers etc., do you?

click here

The GPU is useful rather than great, but for £400......

  stylehurst 13:30 02 Apr 2006

Have a look at Novatech; good reputation, reasonable prices

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