Thinking of buying from, think again!!

  rickf 21:01 19 Jan 2010

On the 9/12/09 I ordered and paid for a high res digital photoframe as a X'mas pressie. It never arrived but was supposedly sent on the 10th. Due to their policy of having to 3wks before they would investigate, ie until the 31/12, I could get in touch with them to get them to look into the matter. Was therefore forced to but one from a high street retail outlet to replace the X'mas pressie. I then got in touch probably on the 3/1/10 and was sent an email with a declaration form which I had to print out, signed and send to their Belfast Office to have the item replaced. To date I have heard nothing even though they promised to respond w/in 3 days of receiving the Declaration Form. I now can't get in touch with them via my Order History page as the Red Button to get in touch with them re the issue has disappeared. Only option left is to ring them. I have a good mind to complain to Watchdog, Trading Standards etc.

So if you are thinking of ordering from these people think twice, thrice etc. If things go wrong they are pretty awful about making good.

  GaT7 21:13 19 Jan 2010

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience.

Why don't you call them & get it sorted to completion? Good it's only a 0845 number (@ 4p/min?) & not one of those high-rate premium numbers.

I've ordered several times from Play over the years. One item got lost couple of years back & I opted for a refund (instead of replacement), which was credited back to my card in due course & in reasonable time. G

  OTT_B 22:46 19 Jan 2010

Interesting thread, rickf.

I've been using for years and have ordered (exactly) 132 items from them...i've just checked my account!

Only twice have i had an issue with an order. Once the goods didn't turn up. I waited for probably 2 weeks and emailed them. They despatched replacement items the next day.

The other time is now. I ordered a new satellite tuner which doesn't work. Now i need to contact them and arrange a refund. Lets hope my experience doesn't go down the same road as yours.

  Kevscar1 06:28 20 Jan 2010

I've ordered 20 items over 2 years never had a problem.

  The Old Mod 07:22 20 Jan 2010

My son and I have used this company for years and have ordered many many items with absolutely no problems what so ever, free postage and fast delivery. Sorry to hear that you've had a problem.

  BT 08:11 20 Jan 2010

We've always been happy with the Play.Com service in the past, however we ordered an item before Xmas which came up as 3 separate orders for the same thing and was charged for 3 times. Unfortunately it was never delivered and we had to wait 3 weeks to make a claim. They said they will refund the charges so I'm just waiting to see that this has been done on the next CC statement.

Obviously some sort of hiccup in their systems in the pre Xmas period. I think my order was on about the same date as yours.

  interzone55 09:18 20 Jan 2010 are my failover if Amazon don't have stock, or the price isn't right.

I've ordered a dozen or so items from over the last couple of years and never had a problem.

  rickf 09:47 20 Jan 2010

I too have ordered many items from them over the years abd arrived without a hitch. My point is they are not good at sorting things out like Amazon. Never again. Not worth the energy and time wasted trying to sort this out. Still no response to date, email or otherwise as to the progress of my Claim. Unfortunately or fortunately, the item was only £39.99 reduced. If it had been over a £100 I would have been on to my bank. It is not reasonable as company policy to make customer wait for 3 wks before being allowed to notify them of non-delivery. Forget it. As soon as I got my replacement I'll shall close my account.

  Input Overload 12:04 20 Jan 2010

Myself & family have ordered 1.3 billion items from Play without issue. However rickf after saying that I'm not implying that you haven't had a problem, just that in my view problems with Play are rare.

  interzone55 12:44 20 Jan 2010

"Myself & family have ordered 1.3 billion items from Play without issue"

I don't think you can count each atom as a separate item...

  rickf 13:05 20 Jan 2010

Not only can't you count 1.3 billion items. This is a derisroy posting. Blind Faith indeed. I hope it doesn't happen to you but if it does...well!!

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