They've really made a MESH of things!!!

  truescot_1982 17:49 02 May 2006

Mesh really need to get their act together. I placed an order on th 17th of april for a new pc (first time buyer from mesh) and paid £60 for delivery on sat 29th april before 12 as then I wouldn't have to take a day off work (only a half day).

I received a call to my house no friday 28th at 6pm (when their telephone lines close funnily enough and I wasn't home) to have a message left stating that the pc wasn't getting delivered till this saturday coming due to a shortage of graphics cards. I called on sat morning to say that this was not acceptable as they had had 10days to tell me that there was no graphics cards to complete the order. I also asked what other graphics options were available but (wait for it) all graphics cards are out of stock was what I was told.

One of my mates wanted a quote so he called evesham and asked about graphics as he had heard all about my mishap who advised they'd heard nothing of a shortage of graphics cards (the geforce 7600gt, 7900gt or the 7900gtx) and that if he ordered from them that it'd take 9days for delivery due to the build and order etc. He wanted a quote from mesh though and asked what graphics options were available. He asked if there were any issues with graphics cards and was told no. mesh had only run out of 7900 series (my order being the 7600gts!)

Questionable? I think so. After hearing this I called mesh again who, after I said I wanted to cancel my order, then changed their story to - I don't know why you were told we don't have your cards in stock as we do. There seems to be a 24hr delay placed on the item and it'll be sent out to you on tuesday after the holiday weekend - I asked for a confirmation email of this and was told no problem (still waiting).

Called them this morning and the person on the phone said - didn't you get the message on friday night about the graphics card? I told him that I knew it was some excuse and he then changed the story again to yes it'll be sent out tonight and I should have it tomorrow. Thought I'd check this and confirm so called less than an hour ago and person knew nothing about it. waited on hold for 10 mins or so and was then passed through to production who said it was in testing and that it would be sent tomorrow to arrive thursday.


Juset received an email through in response to my complaint on sat about not receiving my pc and it says.

"As explained the graphics card on your order is currently out of stock and therefore your order has been delayed. We can assure you that you were informed of the delay as soon as it became apparent that your order could not be despatched on time. Unfortunately the shipment from our suppliers did not arrive due to a national shortage of the graphics card."

What a joke! After reading this forum I wish I had never placed my order and if it arrives thursday and there is a single fault I will be exercising my rights to have a full refund and I will be telling trading standards my full story. Its appalling to think a company could treat people spending so much money on their products this way.

My current PC is a sony vaio and I haven't once had any problems in the 4 years I've had it. Only issues now are the slightly out of date spec... (256 ram, 40GBHD, 64MB graphics etc.) But it still runs as smooth as the day I bought it.

  truescot_1982 17:54 02 May 2006

Oh and please forgive any bad grammer or typos. I'm fairly miffed and had to get it all out. I really wish I had just ordered an Evesham...

  spuds 19:31 02 May 2006

If you had been following other peoples Mesh problems on this forum, you would have noticed that there is a problem obtaining certain graphic cards. Davey of Mesh as already explained this. It would also seem as though other computer manufacturers are in the same situation with certain graphic card delays, and deliveries to customers have been delayed.

No doubt, Davey of Mesh will respond to your posting, he usually doe's.

  Stuartli 19:59 02 May 2006

You just might find the reason here:

click here

  truescot_1982 22:08 02 May 2006

If you had actually read what I first said, you would have noticed that I acknowledged the fact that there is a shortage of the 7900 series, but that I had also found out that they have got the 7600 in stock, which they later admitted. Also, I was not annoyed at the delay, but at the fact that they contacted me the evening before delivery was scheduled, when they should have provided ample notice and the fact they used a ficticious reason. Forgive me if I am not allowed to form my own opinion, but I think that is poor service.

If they had just said from the start that the computer was being delayed, I wouldn't have been quite as annoyed. As far as I am aware, the shortage was from last mopnth, as Evesham told me on Saturday.

This is just my opinion

  Forum Editor 00:48 03 May 2006

is a shortage - conflicting statements about version numbers notwithstanding - and I can't see why any company would seek to invent a shortage for the sake of expediency. I would have thought there would be plenty of other late delivery excuses available if one was needed. Nevertheless, at first glance a lack of efficient communication seems to be the culprit here, and I can understand your irritation. Alledging that staff "LIED THROUGH THEIR TEETH" is at best offensive and at worst libellous, so we'll have no more of that kind of remark if it's OK with you. Any repetitions will be deleted without further ado.

I suggest that you see how things are when your new machine arrives. Statistics are strongly in favour of it working perfectly, but if it doesn't I'm sure you'll update us here, in your thread.

  Snec 03:53 03 May 2006

OP -- It's a risk you take when you buy online, and it's all to do with the luck of the draw.

It is not about MESH particularly. It's the same risk with any online purchase.

£60 for delivery? Half a day off (£48 on average wages) to be there. It's adding up, but I won't go on.

Best to buy locally (on a day you are not supposed to be working) -- buy what you want, look somebody in the eyes as you pass the money over -- take it home -- if it does not work, take it back next time you are not at work, and discuss the problem eye-to-eye.

It is NOT just MESH. The problem you have is you bought online. Some (most) people are lucky buying online, some are not. MESH make good machines on the whole. Online companies are not really geared up for when things go wrong.

  MESH Support 10:05 03 May 2006

I'm sorry to read that you have had a bad experience waiting for your system to be delivered.

It is possible that other companies may not have been affected by the shortage as badly as us however I can asure you that we did, and to some extent still do, have a number of systems sat waiting for certain cards. They are fully built bar that one component.

With component deliveries we work on lead times and due deliveries of parts. If you order a PC now you will not receive a system containing a component that is in stock *now*, you will get parts that will be delivered between now and the date of despatch. This system falls down when an expected, and promised, delivery does not occur. This is what happened here. Your friend would as a matter of course be quoted a delivery of a system based on expected deliveries of the desired card.

With regards to your delivery, of course you will not be expected to pay for a Saturday delivery if it did not happen, we will refund you for this.

If you could email me your Mesh Order number to [email protected] along with your screen name (truescot_1982) I can check on the state of your system and keep you informed if you wish, as well as arrange the refund of the delivery charge.

I have passed on the details of your post to the sales department as it certainly does seem there was some contradictory advice given and this would need to be addressed.


  spuds 10:17 03 May 2006

True to form, Davey as responded.

  truescot_1982 11:06 06 May 2006

I did email you as you requested but I am still waiting for some sort of response.

Anyway, an update. I finally got my pc today (did I say I received it? Well most of it anyway.) That was after me having to go to the depot and collect it after paying £60 for delivery. I went to collect 7 boxes after having 2 actually delivered yesterday and at the minute I am writing this post from a mixture of new pc and old pc.

To be honest the parts of the pc I do have are working sweet. However, When I went to collect the rest of it this morning I actually collected several envelopes with a sheet of paper saying that the item will follow in due time as there has been a delay from supplier? All of them? So lets see I'm still waiting on my logitech G7 mouse, My free copy of The King Kong Game (not too miffed about that part), A joystick (which again I can wait for) and items that are missing but not mentioned in the slightest which are my microsoft media centre remote and receiver £25 and a DigiMemo pad £75. Add this to the £60 for delivery, most of the week off, countless 10minute (on average) phone calls and the fact that I Had to collect the rest of my order from a depot more than £30 from my home and you get a pretty poor customer service.

As I said, What I have of the pc so far seems pretty top notch (no problems as of yet) but as far as customer service goes or and kind of reliability other than the finished goods and you are quite disappointing.

Davey, if you could let me know whats happening and when to expect these items that's be great. Again though I wont hold my breath. Oh and also an update on how your getting on with the refund of the saturday delivery.


  bigbaddom01 17:25 06 May 2006

Good old mesh. I have also ordered a pc from them (at a cost of £2900) which was due to be delivered last thursday and it never turned up. I received no phone call whatsoever and when I rang they too told me that they had a shortage of graphics cards (i was ordering 2x 7900gtx 512mb cards) and I would just have to wait. I have been given no further info except "wee will ring you when they come in". There was no apology offered for my wasted days holiday and no indication of when I might receive my system. In short if I don't get it within the next week I will go to a company that wants my custom rather than just wants my cash. Mesh really needs to get its act together sharpish before it goes the way of the Dodo

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