Is there a silent computer out there?

  danpep5552 00:34 01 Feb 2005

Or nearly. I am going to replace my Evesham Axis 1800 purchased in Dec 2001. There is nothing wrong as such but I find it very noisy now (one fan has been replaced under warranty and it was even noisier before that). My ears "ring" in the evening. I use the system mainly as an office computer doing a lot of scanning and sending and receiving faxes. My main beef is the time it takes to open the scans and faxes, and the fact I can only view one page at a time of a multi page fax or one fax at a time. I dare say there will some software around that would overcome this somewhat but I still think I lack speed. Apart from the odd pin ball game now again (as a reminder of misspent youth) it is not for gaming. I do nowadays store photos. Otherwise I have thousands of “word” documents. Over the past three years I have used 55gb of 90gb. I have two Maxtors up to 450gb used for back up, and a Belkin wireless router system. I need at least 6 USB’s or 5 plus a firewire perhaps, for the all in one printer, two Maxtors, the Belkin and camera cradle. I have USB headphones for talk typing. I doubt if I will stray far from Evesham/Sony/Dell and the like, but I am open to suggestions. I believe Poweroid sell ultra quiet machines, quick response to problems is my priority not cost. Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply.

  TomJerry 00:43 01 Feb 2005

only if you prepare to pay extra, maybe twice as much or even more, just give you two examples.

Zalman TNN 500AF Totally No Noise Computer Case - £765.00 (£898.88 inc VAT) click here

HUSH™ ATX click here

alternatively, you can DIY, or pay big money for someone DIY for you

  danpep5552 01:42 01 Feb 2005

Thanks TJ, I had a look at all these and the new Elonex's MM. How do you think they will suit my needs if I got an Exentia. The other half could escape to my office to watch the soaps whilst I hog the TV for footy. I am concerned as to how that will cope with the scans, faxes and general office duties. How about the Evesham Dominator 64 bit? Or their E style goodies?

  Kodan 06:21 01 Feb 2005

No no no , you don't need to pay that much.

Try the Antec Sonata case, available here for 82 pounds:

click here

It looks lovely, too, and gets a great review.

Then try to find a decent graphics card that uses passive cooling. Somewhere on the Overclockers site in the link above there is a 9700 without a fan, I think. Or something like that - I will carry on looking, but maybe they have stopped stocking it. Maybe if you contact them they could build you a real quiet machine.

The is also another supplier who specialise in quiet PCs. Funnily enough, they are called Quiet PC dot com!

click here

And to speed up your PC, do you frequently defrag, and check for spyware and drone programs?


  Kodan 06:22 01 Feb 2005

And nothing - I didnt see that errant word!

  Kodan 06:33 01 Feb 2005

There you go:

click here

A 6600 GT PCI card, and a 6800 AGP card, both without fans.

I think by buying carefully, with carefully selected components, you could upgrade your existing setup to almost total silence, at a cost of less than that of that Zalman case, which is OTT in my opinion, even though I would love to own one.

New case, 80 ish
Mobo and processor, 2 or 3 hundred?
6600 GT card, 150 (ok, it's overkill, but reduces any bottlenecks)

That leaves 200+ for bits and bobs, like the quietest HD you can find.

If you get such a combo, please report back. I will be jealous, as my setup sounds like a hairdryer, and I have always dream of a hushed and religious silence in my computer area. (punctuated by screams of dismay as I get fragged, yet again.)

  ened 07:27 01 Feb 2005

I love Antec cases - I am currently using a Sonata - but it ain't as quiet as you would suppose.

It is a great case though: well designed, comes with CPU and looks great.

Antec do sell a fanless power supply but I have read reviews which report it blows up under load.

  smoothcue 08:42 01 Feb 2005

This company click here have options on all the pc's they sell,you can chose to have one as quiet as you need.
Nice spec's,good prices as well.

  danpep5552 13:23 01 Feb 2005

I am looking but dont think I will build myself. I have defragged and all that. Will faxes and scans open quicker with a more powerfull chip. I thought about pushing the boat out for 4.0 processor

  wee eddie 14:01 01 Feb 2005

Or are you talking about the time it takes them to Down Load?

On noise! It would be considerably cheaper to reduce the cause of the noise.

Reduce ambient temperature, increase airflow on those items that are heat sensitive.

Turn the central heating down, take the sides off the case, put decent heat sinks on the CPU and Graphics card.

  wee eddie 14:06 01 Feb 2005

Multiple screens - Ask FE he has three.

My next door neighbor has five but then he is a Freelance Video Editor.

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