Is there a combined audiobook reader and radio

  sheila.weston 16:09 24 Jun 2011

I would like to listen to an audio book while lieing in bed. Is there such a thing as one which has a radio incorporated?

Our local library has a selection of audio books which one can download and I thought that they would be a good idea for using on the odd occasion when I can't sleep.

  Woolwell 21:22 24 Jun 2011

MP3 players can often play audiobooks and some have FM radio built in too. My own cheap MP3 has FM radio and according to the manual can play audiobooks. Do you want speakers or headphones?

  sheila.weston 22:25 24 Jun 2011

Many thanks, Woolwell. Yes, I would need head-phones as well. Have you any suggestions? What make is your MP3.? I have heard of them, but didn't know what they were! I assume that they are the gadgets which people plug into while jogging or on trains etc? Can you recommend some ear-phones? eg from Amazon or perhaps PCWorld, Maplin etc.What sort of price should one go for to get reasonable quality - both MP3 and head-phones?

  Woolwell 21:52 25 Jun 2011

They are the gadgets people plug into their ears. MP3 players come with earplugs. Theses vary in quality and when mine broke I bought better quality ones. You can also buy headphones and I have set too. However if you are not worried about music quality then I would have thought that a simple MP3 player would suffice. I have a Sansa Clip but suggest you read reviews.

  sheila.weston 09:44 26 Jun 2011

Many thanks. I do know what head-phones are! I think that I will have to go into one of the stores to ask. Amazon have Sansa Clips. But can you get online with it to download an audio book?

  sheila.weston 10:19 26 Jun 2011

I have been browsing Amazon and found "SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8GB MP3 Player with Radio and Expandable MicroSD/SDHC Slot ". I'll research this further. Many thanks.

  Woolwell 12:55 26 Jun 2011

You have to download to pc and transfer to the player. A tablet would also work.

  onionskin 00:20 27 Jun 2011

The problem is - most audio books in public libraries are WMA format and DRM protected, though there are also MP3 books.

See this list of DRM compatible WMA players

Read up on it here

  wiz-king 18:46 27 Jun 2011

Source of audio books librivox

  sheila.weston 14:56 01 Jul 2011

Many thanks, all.

After my last post I ordered a sandisk sansaclip 8GB from Amazon. It has just arrived and is tiny. I haven't opened it properly and think I will return it. Surely one can't get radio 4 on it?? I am not interested in music and certainly don't want to copy radio programs across. Reading the directions it sounds as if I need a micro SD card, rather like those used in digital cameras, I gather. These appear to be under £10 from Amazon. But is this worth the hassle? How do they work? My Toshiba Satellite laptop has a slot about 1.5" wide at the side, which presumably is for this? And presumably the audiobook has to be downloaded to the laptop and then copied across to the SD card (?or via the usb connection).

I won't want to keep the audiobooks after listening to them. Any other ideas on what I should get?

  onionskin 00:32 02 Jul 2011

eBook readers such as the Kindle will play MP3 files. You can also burn many public library books to CD.

Just wondering, have you actualy tried listening to an audio book - they take a lo-o-o-o-ng time to get through. They're OK for learning a foreign language maybe, but I think you'd soon get bored with them and go back to reading with your eyes. If you haven't tried it, download one to your computer and have a listen, it's not like Book at Bedtime - some even have backing music and are more like a play, with actors doing the different voices.

I don't know about other eBook readers but the Kindle does text to speech, it's a bit like having Stephen Hawking reading to you though.

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