Thanks Yahoo! for FREE 100 MB!

  Sparrowhawk 11:34 21 Jun 2004

No need to go to Gmail or any other.

Yahoo! is the best free web email provider and with 100 MB free email, its value is better than ever.

  byfordr 11:45 21 Jun 2004

Indeed click here

The conclusion was Top work fellas :-)


  AndySD 15:25 21 Jun 2004

Thats if you can get into your mailbox...its been 6 days now and still not able to get my mail and no replys at all from Yahoo.

  Sparrowhawk 18:50 21 Jun 2004

AndySD wrote:
'Thats if you can get into your mailbox...its been 6 days now and still not able to get my mail and no replys at all from Yahoo.'

AndySD, what is/was your password like?

Why do I ask that?

A few months ago, I went to create another free email account on a site on which I had already 2 accounts. They were dummy accounts I did not use often at all and therefore was not sure of.
As I was told the account I was trying to create was already in use, I wondered if it was one of mine.
I tried to log in.
After 3 or 4 tries, I DID ACCESS the account.
First, I thought 'Well, did not remember having using this one. But, it's nice to be able to recover it'. I had no hesitation it was mine.
As I went into the INBOX, I was sort of surprised by the emails received. I did not recognise any sender... I quickly realised I WAS USING SOMEBODY'S ELSE ACCOUNT.
I did immediatly contact the person and had to explain him I COULD LOG INTO HIS EMAIL.

For information, his password was concatenation of FIRSTNAME and 1st LETTER of LASTNAME...

Do not use generic passwords, even with your name...

  steven_frost 21:49 21 Jun 2004

i use their pay for service with BT i did have a max 10MB whenit first started now i have just check my service and its now 2GB so i am well pleased with it

  AndySD 09:41 22 Jun 2004

Sparrowhawk its a mixture of letters numbers etc and 9 long. Its not the password I can log into My Yahoo just not the mail.

  Sparrowhawk 09:55 22 Jun 2004

AndySD, you can't access your email or you can but have no emails?

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