Thanks for nothing, TalkTalk

  Clapton is God 15:49 15 Jan 2011

I received an e-mail from TalkTalk the other day telling me that as a "loyal customer" I was getting a free upgrade from their 8 meg service to their 24 meg service.

Thank you very much, I thought.

I subsequently did several speed checks only to find that I was still chugging along at around 6.5 meg as before.

So I then checked at the SamKnows website click here only to find that the maximum I can get on ADSL2+ in my area is 7 meg.

Thanks for nothing, TalkTalk!!

  john bunyan 16:21 15 Jan 2011

I believe that to get more than about 7 Mbps (Like you I get 6.5 with a Talk Talk subsidiary) either the local exchange has to be ADSL2 enabled (a roll out programme is ongoing) or the ISP has to have a LLU arrangement with the local exchange. I think if I switched to O2 they have a LLU that allows this, but now I am regularly getting above 6Mbps I am waiting for developments, coupled with my reluctance to sign up for 12 - 18 months or more. I am on a one month rolling contract and I believe only Zen offers this, so I am not changing yet.

  Clapton is God 16:37 15 Jan 2011

And therein is the issue!

My exchange is ADSL2 enabled.

My ISP (Tiscali to be precise) is LLU at that exchange.

SamKnows tells me that I'm only 1.25 km from the exchange

  BJN 16:39 15 Jan 2011

o2 broadband offer you a choice of either a 12 month or 1 month contract. The 12 month contract is free connection and the one month contract requires a connection fee of around £30. Both contracts monthly fees are th same and you can get a monthly reduction of £5.00 per month if you register a o2 mobile number tom your account.

  john bunyan 16:46 15 Jan 2011

Is the 1 month contract available for broadband only? - I want to keep BT as line supplier for several reasons.Thanks for info.

  amonra 20:45 15 Jan 2011

Newnet do a 1 month contract, BB only, very reliable.

  RobCharles1981 22:28 15 Jan 2011

So Do Titan ADSL very reliable and 1 month contract for £20 a month 100gig of usage allowance!

  john bunyan 22:58 15 Jan 2011

According to Newnet the min contract is 12 months,and a limit of 10gig on premium rare

click here

  Clapton is God 11:20 16 Jan 2011

Define "small hours".

I have absolutely no intention of checking my speed at 2 or 3 in the morning, if that's what you mean!

  spuds 18:56 16 Jan 2011

Talk Talk is a bit of a sour word to me at present.

It would appear as though I am one of the many people who hadn't paid their bill, and was abruptly disconnected from their service last week. Took three days to get reconnected, and that was only because I caused a fuss.

Speaking to a friend of mine about the situation, and it would appear that he had no service for two months, and refused to pay the bill. Talk Talk sent the debt collectors in, and the debt collectors then referred the matter back to Talk Talk. Friends now returned back to Virgin.

And as for speed, I suppose to be getting 'upto' 10MB. Lucky if I can get over 2MB, yet neighbours are getting 5MB and above. Becoming very disappointed about the above and other activities!.

  howard64 08:57 17 Jan 2011

my talktalk subscription is up to 8Mb I am consistenly getting just over 10Mb

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