Thank you and well done British Gas

  Mike D 14:02 26 Mar 2010

I know we love to knock BG, but on Tuesday they came up trumps for my family. I received a panic call at work from my daughter telling me that the lounge radiator was spurting hot water out. I rang BG (we have their Home Care package - heaven only knows how close I have come to cancelling this in the past)and before the hour was up the radiator had been isolated and removed and a new one one ordered.

Damage minimised by heroic daughter with casserole dishes emptied through window (a little like It's a Knock-out, apparently).

Well done British Gas.

  sunnystaines 14:58 26 Mar 2010

we have the three star contract always get good service with BG.

  birdface 16:02 26 Mar 2010

About 4-5 years ago my sister in law phoned them a week before Xmas she had there home care package.
Sorry we have to shut it down they said it's not safe.
So there they were all over Xmas with no heating.
They sent a salesman in and told her she needed a complete new system and because she was desperate signed up for it.[I think it was nearly £4.5oo they charged her for it and when they were taking the old system out they found the problem was with the Flu on top of her roof.The cover had came off and the rain had got in.
About 2 months later the tried the same with her upstairs neighbor little did they know it was actually her sister in law.
Its an old system they said and we cannot get the parts, you need a new central heating system and shut off her gas connection.
She called in the local central heating plumber to have a look and it cost £20 to do the repair.
Gas salesman came to her door trying to sell her a new system as well and she was not long in telling them where to go.
lets not get carried away when they actually do what you pay them for.

  Mike D 17:03 26 Mar 2010

I don't think that my thanking BG for a job well done is getting carried away. I'm sorry that your family had problems, so have we in the past, but this time they were there when we needed them.

  BJN 17:50 26 Mar 2010

I had a boiler failure a few weeks back, telephoned BG at 4pm engineer telephoned at 4.10pm to check we where at home and arrived 4.35pm. The problem was a fault circuit-board, he ordered one via Laptop and called back next morning at 10am to complete the repair.

Now that's good service

  birdface 17:56 26 Mar 2010

You cannot knock the quick service that you received from GB.
I was just pointing out that not everyone is happy with their service.
If they cannot service central heating systems they should not be taking Payments.
And they should certainly not be sending salesmen round to sell new heating systems when they were not needed.
Now that was only 2 instance's in the one block of flats I hate to think how many others may have had the same treatment.

  spuds 18:00 26 Mar 2010

I hate to say this, but having to order parts, which BG seem to do on a big scale nowadays, just isn't on. Anyone of our local plumbers or heating engineers would go to one of the local trade wholesalers and obtain the necessary part and then fit it on the same day, especially more so with a radiator.

Our local newspaper as recently took BG to task, after they had left two old age pensioners with no heating over a very cold spell, due to 'waiting for parts'. That particular episode soon brought responses from local companies that were offering their services for free, so as to give these elderly people warmth, something that seemed to have been missed by BG!.

  Paul-1379466 19:55 26 Mar 2010

Never had any problems with them.

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