Thank you Tesco

  GRIDD 21:44 24 Jul 2008

I know they get a heavy slating but they came up trumps this time.

TV went faulty and I returned it, after 2 months of ownership. Sincerest appologies abound and a no quibble refund, £450 cash. With not enough in the till she had to go out back to get it. When she returned she appologised again for making me wait (all of 5 mins) and I mentioned about taking back the clubcard points - she smiled and shook her head.

Bravo! I expected arguments and what not but no.... all over in 10 mins flat.

Thank you Hannah!

  Monoux 21:58 24 Jul 2008

Re my thread about Carphone Warehouse refusing refunds perhaps they should all get some Tescos training in how to win and keep customers instead of how to allienate them.

  tillybaby 07:50 25 Jul 2008

Wow, Isn't it great when you don't have to have the argument you expected?

  spuds 08:10 25 Jul 2008

Top marks to that particular store. But like most big outlets, the service can depend mostly on the individual serving the customer. Our local Tesco, can be a very hit and miss affair, as to the service you receive.

Perhaps in comparison, a friend of mine purchased a laptop last year, which after a couple of weeks proved faulty. The local Tesco store customer service representative 'insisted' that the customer 'had to' contact the manufacturer, "because Tesco have no facilities for checking certain items, including laptops or electrical goods". Eventually the matter was dealt with, only after the requested intervention of the stores duty manager, but it left a very bad opinion of our local Tesco store.

  interzone55 08:45 25 Jul 2008

I bought a TV from Tesco last year.

A 19" TFT with built in Freeview, but the Freeview wouldn't work, so I took it straight back.

The only comment the assistant made was, "oh not again", without asking for any details she just gave me my money back in cash, which was nice because I'd paid for it on my Visa card...

  Stuartli 11:29 25 Jul 2008

My local Tesco Extra, on the odd occasion I've had to return a product or query a till receipt, has always provided top class service with a smile; that applies over many, many years.

  pj123 16:16 25 Jul 2008

I have to say the same as Stuartli.

I have never had a problem with Tesco. After a delivery of groceries I didn't appear to have one of the items. I rang their helpline and they immediately refunded my card. A couple hours later I found the missing item and rang them again to tell them. They said "thank you" but said I could keep the refund.

That's why I stay with Tesco.

  tullie 18:34 25 Jul 2008

One supermarkets much the same as another,depends on the staff on the day how clued up they are

  Stuartli 23:40 25 Jul 2008

That basic premise applies to any business in the UK....:-)

  VNAM75 23:53 25 Jul 2008

I once bought 2 bottles of mouth wash from tesco. Opened one and didn't like the taste. It was a 2 for the price of 1 offer.

When I took it back for a refund they said they'd only refund the unopened one and gave me back the standard price of one mouth wash. But I'd paid the equivalent of 1/2 price for each one so thats what I should have got. They didn't check the receipt properly or was that the right policy?

  spuds 10:03 26 Jul 2008

Tesco changed their methods of reimbursement policy about 12 months ago. But I still seem to have different procedures and experiences when I return items, or ask for clarification about certain things. What I do find though, the more you are considerate and reasonable with the staff, the far better the outcome.

On one occasion, I was informed that "because I had left the store, a refund or replacement was not possible". Requesting the services of the duty manager, resulted in an apology and the Tesco employee 'being offered further training'. Strange really, I never saw that person in the store again!. On that occasion, it was a simple matter of unloading the items into the car and then checking the bill, which showed an overcharge error.

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