Thank you John Lewis, Boo to HP

  v1asco 09:56 02 Oct 2011

My HP Touchsmart 300 started freezing shortly after purchase (aug 10)which I thought was just a glitch. A few months later it got more frequent and the only way to restart was to turn off and when re-started it roared. I asked a question on the HP advice line and after numerous restores HP finally got the message that there was something wrong with the machine and collected it for repair (I confirmed with John Lewis that this was OK as they should have been dealing with it. They agreed this time for HP to collect). It came back pretty quickly with no fault found but no roaring fan. Walking through JL I took the precaution of popping into their after sales tech dept and told them the full story as I had a nagging feeling about HPs no fault found. This was in June/July. They logged it all. Then the freezing started again (fan ok). I was away so could do little. Arriving home it would freeze anytime, even after typing a half page of text. I contacted JL who said bring it in (I live local). A week later I have the machine back with the RAM replaced and all seems well. The Partner at JL suggested it was the RAM as soon as he heard the fault. So well done JL, and Boo to HP who took two goes to fix a fault. JL have told me if the same happens again then the whole machine will be written off and replaced.

  Terry Brown 11:26 02 Oct 2011

The problem with ' Advice lines'; is that (generally) the people on the other end can only go by a list of potential faults and usually have little actual working knowledge.

When you go into a computer shop that has a technical department, the person in charge generally has had experience in making repairs and has an idea what to look for or suggest.

As you never bought the computer from John Lewis, you were fortunate as some shops wil only deal with enquiries if you bought the item from them in the first place.

Solution- In future go to a shop where although the price may be slightly more, you get the benefit of the stores expertise.


  spuds 13:21 02 Oct 2011

By the above,it would appear that the item was bought from John Lewis?.

But going from my own experience of my local John Lewis and their computer department, the 'partners' never seem to have a great deal of technical knowledge, and very little variety of stock.

But I was once offered a free meal, while they were processing a deal, and it was taking quite a time to complete the transaction. Didn't accept the meal, so they gave me some rather expensive scart leads as a gesture of goodwill. I suppose it saved the day, because I could have easily given up and gone elsewhere, and bought the item with a reduced warranty time period!.

  v1asco 13:33 02 Oct 2011

It was bought from JL. It was in the Customer Returns Tech Office that I went to and the service was excellent. They do seem to have a long winded way of doing things sometimes but I much prefer them to stores like Dixons/Currys/PCWorld or whatever they are called now. The advice line was HPs own repair line and I spent hours with them until it finally twigged that when I said it was sounding like a jumbo jet taking off for the umpteenth time they finally accepted there may be a fault.

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