Thank-You BPC-UPS.

  A15 19:54 22 Mar 2003

Just had to put in a quick post to say thank you to British Power Conversion - UPS (home page click here ) for being so helpful. I have two of their Powerpal 660 UPS devices, however do not have any software for them. I contacted BPC-UPS via email after tracking them down via an answer in this forum & they sent the software out to me on CD (UPSilon 2000) & a replacement RS-232 cable for the communication. Recieved via first class post today. If only all companies had backup service like this!

  Forum Editor 23:43 22 Mar 2003

and it's by praising the good companies that we might get the less efficient ones to realise that customer service is probably the single most important ingredient in the successful business mix.

It's also the most difficult to get right - so well done BPC-UPS.

Their site is another story. It looks as if they're developing it in Microsoft FrontPage, and there's quite a way to go I think. Some of the buttons aren't working, and some of them link to the wrong locations. I'm sure they'll get it all sorted out in the end.

  tbh72 00:21 23 Mar 2003

I thought that UPS allowed you to run your PC / PCS for a period of time should a power cut occur. I have just looked at the link you supplied & was checking out the tech specs on these pieces of kit. The claim to offer approx 5-10 minutes of backup time.....

Is it possible to purchase similar which could be run for longer periods eg 2-3 hours???

  DieSse 01:25 23 Mar 2003


Only if you have a roomful of batteries.

  A15 16:34 23 Mar 2003

They quote a runtime of 20-30 minutes on the model I have with a 17" to 20" monitor & a runtime of 40-50 minutes on a L1400. Although I tend to think this may be a little optimistic.

FE, lt's hope your right. That by recognition, the good companies will get better & the bad ones will learn!

  wee eddie 16:44 23 Mar 2003

I doubt that you will be quietly working away at your PC.

All you really need is sufficient time to bring whatever you are doing to a conclusion and close down.

Before you join everyone else rushing around like happy headless chickens. Asking what the hell is going on, and what is somebody going to do about it?

So 10 minutes is probably sufficient.

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