TFT TV / Monitor - What are the issues?

  climb45 16:34 11 Jan 2005

We have an old PII 400MHz PC which we want to put in a small room for the kids, together with a TV and video.

We are considering a TFT TV to save space, but are not sure of what we should be looking out for. For example, how does the video connect? Our current video play links through the ariel socket so presumably this would remain the same -ariel to video to monitor. Is our PCs Toshiba DVD-Rom SD-M1202 capable of playing movies effectively? Do TFT TVs come with Scart cables? Etc...etc...etc!

We are looking for something reasonably priced.

Does anyone have any advice to offer?

  zzzgordon 22:12 02 Mar 2005

i'm also keen on a tft tv.

I've seen a few samsung tft tv's.

anyone got any recommendations or good or bad points to look out for

  Dumble452 09:37 03 Mar 2005

Make sure it has a SCART connection. I saw one that interested me but when I checked it had none.

  wee eddie 14:05 03 Mar 2005

TFT TV's are not compatible with this statement

  flu 12:02 04 Mar 2005

Not sure if this is what you are looking for :
(items 3-5)

click here

  bikerbob 12:44 04 Mar 2005

I have a TFT monitor which is setup both as a monitor and to watch tv as and when required. It is all connected by the usual monitor type plug access through a seperate unit provided by AVER and works very well. If you`re looking strictly for a TFT tv then it`s a different ball game as I have`nt noticed any that have a SCART connection so far.

  TomJerry 13:30 04 Mar 2005

I bought one before Xmas from PCWorld for £269.99. Now you can get from Aria for £249.99 as point out by "flu".

The picture quality is good if you have good outdorr aerial. It has Scart as well as composite connections.

  TomJerry 13:32 04 Mar 2005

click here

it is really good value for money

  jbp1982 13:43 06 Mar 2005

i bought a 17inch tft for £170 and installed a pci tv card with remote control, it included radio too for £30. A 15inch tft with tv i was quoted £260.

Obviously no scart lead but most devices will run on normal coax connections, like your video or playstation two, GAME sells the converter for less than ten quid. Obviously you'll lose quality without the scart but not much.

  realist 22:17 06 Mar 2005

check this out too click here

  climb45 23:04 06 Mar 2005

Many thanks for all your comments. I have also been looking at the Samsung and it's good to see your recommendations.

One of the questions I keep toying with is whether we should be going for a widescreen monitor, as most TFT TVs are now in this format. How does this affect viewing of PC applications such as Word/Excel and general internet browsing? Our TV vs computer use will probably be about 50:50.

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