TFT Screens - cleaning

  deannatrois 00:48 02 Jun 2003

Silly question.., but how does one clean a TFT screen? I have a new one and I came across something in my users handbook that warns against cleaning with any substance containing water. It specifically warned against the usual cleaning substances u use.., and presumably includes breathing on it too hard lol!

How can water damage an TFT screen and what can I use instead of a water based product - dusting ain't quite good enough lol?

  fitshase 02:19 02 Jun 2003

The I.T manager at work uses normal Windowlene for cleaning the TFT screens on the laptops.

However, if you are worried about damage, there are plenty of products out there designed specially for cleaning computer screens.

There was an article in another computer mag (sorry FE!) about cleaning your computer:-

click here

which says:-

"Most modern monitors have a special coating on the screen to limit reflections, and this can be damaged easily if cleaned incorrectly. The best way to clean screens is to use special cleaning wipes. Use them according to the instructions; use the first wipe to clean the screen and the second to dry and polish it.

If your monitor is knocking on a bit, or you don't want to buy special wipes, a careful application of a water and vinegar-based window cleaning solution will clean both TFT and CRT screens but extreme care should be taken to ensure that the screen is cleaned but not moistened as the water may run down the screen and into the internals."

As for the screen wipes:-

click here

do a range. Have a look under:-

Technology & Machines\Computer Peripherals & Accessories\Accessories\Cleaning



  deannatrois 03:05 02 Jun 2003

I didn't know about the non-reflective coating. It makes a little more sense.

Thanks also for the links!

  hoverman 06:56 02 Jun 2003

Go to the Helproom section and type cleaning into the search box and select 'all discussion'. You will find several threads on the subject.

  Lozzy 08:48 02 Jun 2003

Also try Storex TFT/LCD screen Cleaning Fluid. Made specially for these screens. its also anti smear and does not cost the earth. Last time I bought it I think it was between 2 and 5 pounds. You can get it from that Famous PC store!!!

  deannatrois 10:41 02 Jun 2003

Thanks for the advice. Will be visiting the famous store soon (to return useless new printer lol)

take care


  seaton 17:30 02 Jun 2003

I've always used Baby Wet Ones or their equivalent. Give 'em a wipe over and dry with soft tissue. Works every time.

  3Toed 22:43 02 Jun 2003

Lol-Not sure about advice seaton,but hope you dont use screen wipes on your babies ??

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