Hedders83 21:40 30 Aug 2003

I am looking at a new monitor but can't decide whether to get a TFT or CRT, I use the PC for all sorts including the latest games. Has anyone any recommendations please?

  wags 22:05 30 Aug 2003

If you're into games and graphics generally, CRT's are in my view superior and offer better value for money. TFT's, especially cheaper ones have a low response rate and can 'smear' ie can't cope with fast moving images as well as a CRT. Ideally, it's best to go and see various models in action, as a monitor that one person likes may not suit another. Having said all that, it is sensible to check out reviews of various models, as in PC Advisor. If you go for a CRT, you will see that Mitsubishi are No.1 in both the 17" and 19" charts and have been for a long while.

I have just bought a new Mesh Pc and upgraded to the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930 SB 19" CRT. It is excellent and the best image I have yet seen. By the way, I am heavily into games as well as using Photoshop.

  tomhealy 22:31 30 Aug 2003

Check out EBuyer. At the moment they've got several 19" monitors for just over £100

  rupie 23:34 30 Aug 2003

I assume that money a consideraton and you do not earn money from graphic work on your computer. generally cost wise CRT (especially large monitors) is much better quality per pound spent. Remember though a 19" CRT will view about 18" screen where as 19" LCD will view 19". Wags is right LCD will show 'lag' on high speed movement and games. LCD's do take up less space and create much less heat !. The last, and important thing about LCD is their natve resolution. This is the actual no. of pixels on display (eg 1024x768) If you set your display anything other than this then the final image may look rubbish(eg 1600x1200 on a 1024x786 panel). It does not matter how high the native resolution is or the cost of the panel. laptops have the same problem. CRT's do not have this. Remember that CRT for quality and value; LCD for space,heat and style !!

  Djohn 23:55 30 Aug 2003

I agree that TFt's are best at their native resolution, display does deteriorate at a lower setting. TFT's have come along very fast in the past year, and you will have trouble finding one that smears or ghost when playing games.

O'Clockers games forum rate TFT displays very highly for all games, including the fastest ones. My 17" TFT will play games and DVD movies as good as any CRT display, in fact I prefer it because there is no reflection from the screen, either in strong sunlight, or direct artificial lighting at night, therefore I tend to watch all my DVD movies on the PC, rather than my excellent quality "Panasonic" TV. j.

  -pops- 06:54 31 Aug 2003

This is such a personal thing that it is unfair to ask others to make your choice for you.

I wouldn't give a TFT a second look and certainly wouldn't buy one. Someone else will have exactly the opposite view.

Why not go to your friendly neighbourhood computer supermarket and have a look as some yourself? No need to buy from there if you don't want, just use their facilities.

Even when you've made your choice of type, you still have to select a model and each will have its own little nuances that can influence whether you like it or not.

  Hedders83 11:49 31 Aug 2003

Many thanks for the advice and opinion, I will have a look I just wanted some feedback first, however I think I will opt for a CRT.

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