TFT or CRT - for digital imaging

  minter 21:02 28 Aug 2003

I do a lot of digital photography/imaging and am going to update my monitor. At present I have a 17" CRT but am thinking of going for a 19" monitor.
I have been told by a couple of friends that a TFT monitor is no use for the likes of Photoshop, and to purchase a CRT.

Does anyone know why I should not purchase a TFT screen.

Is it worthwhile increasing from 17" to 19", or a waste of money.

  wags 21:12 28 Aug 2003

I use Photoshop for imaging and recommend the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930 SB 19" CRT. PC Advisor describe this as "the best CRT money can buy" It is fantastic. You will not generally get the range of colours with a TFT that you get with CRT.

  The Sack 21:57 28 Aug 2003

My TFT is miles better than my CTX CRT ever was :/

  wags 22:05 28 Aug 2003

Yes, The Sack, but the question is, is it as good for use with Photoshop?

  tamc98 09:59 29 Aug 2003

CRT give better colour reprodution than any TFT screen at the moment so if space is not a issue a good 19" CRT is the pest way to go. If space is limited then go for a good 17" TFT.
A TFT that comes even close to a cheap CRT will set you back at least £350 while a Diamond Pro is probably half that.
HTH, Tony

  minter 14:30 29 Aug 2003

Thanks, everyone.

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