TFT monitors & CTX P922E 19" - any thoughts...?

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 07:41 03 Sep 2003

Hi all,

Just about to take the plunge for a 19" CTX LCD monitor (P922E) click here
and wondered if anyone had any thoughts as to this or any other 19" monitor.

Also, I seem to recall that CTX had a "No dead pixel" warranty. I cannot now find this info, any ideas?

Many thanks....

  Inigo 08:59 03 Sep 2003

No dead pixel warrenty: the only thing I can find about it on CTX's website is here click here where it seems to consist of a "zero dead pixels" image. Hidden out of the way somewhere (google found it), they say:

Almost all LCDs available will have the possibility of a few dead pixels when they are manufactured. A CTX LCD monitor with this feature is guaranteed to have absolutely zero dead pixels upon purchase. This means that the CTX monitor is rated an ISO13406-2 LCD and has a screen that will be free of unsightly dead pixels.

This was in the description of a different monitor. However, looking at the section about your monitor click here it doesn't seem to say anything about dead pixels, so it doesn't look like yours is coverted by that.

I'm afraid I don't know much about 19" TFTs; my knowledge's limited to 17" and 15", so I can't help with your other question.

  kevvyb 14:29 03 Sep 2003

Remember that there is a distinction between 'dead pixels' which show as a black dot (very obtrusive) and faulty pixels which are stuck on one of the primary colours (not quite so obtrusive). My 18" NEC MultiSync 1810x has a number of faulty pixels but they really don't bother me (once I stopped looking for them!)

A manufacturer warranting 'no dead pixels' is probably not also warranting 'no faulty pixels'. you might want to ask the question.

One thing I can say about NEC is that they immediately and without question offered to change my monitor when I complained of the faulty pixel count . They did this directly and not through the supplier whence I had purchased which was much more convenient and hassle free.

  Barrie_G 19:32 03 Sep 2003

In the last year I have purchased two TFT monitors, one from SONY and one from LG neither has any faulty or dead pixels.

guess I'm just lucky, though I think that it is a case of manufactures accepting that there MAY be some faulty or dead pixels rather than saying that there will be some.

Thnaks for the input...CTX P922E arriving this morning, I'll post a follow up as to what it is like.

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