TFT Monitor Recommondations

  micky1 15:32 20 Sep 2003

If possible I would please like some help from forum memebers in selecting a new 17-18" TFT monitor.

I have read lots magazine reviews for various monitors and when I finally seem to decide on a monitor I read another rewiew saying that it is not very good.

Therefore I thought that the best way to find out was to ask forum members what TFT monitors they have and if they would recommend them. What I am ideally looking for is a monitor that can handle fast games and watching DVD movies.

  Rumple 15:57 20 Sep 2003

what size monitor are you looking at?
15" or bigger?

  Rumple 15:58 20 Sep 2003

ooops sorry just read it

  ams4127 17:01 20 Sep 2003

For what it's worth, I am highly delighted with the 18" LG Flatron L1810B which came with my Evesham. Analogue and Digital connections and a USB2 port. Max resolution is [email protected] It seems to handle all the games and DVDs I throw at it without any trouble.

I do miss runing flight sims at higher resolutions though.

  Djohn 17:11 20 Sep 2003

I have a 17" AOC and I'm very happy with it, they also do 18" and 19" monitors. Samsung get very good write-ups and so do the CTX brand.

A popular monitor at the moment, both with PCA reviews and forum members is the LG brand, excellent reviews.

Each person sees something different in a monitor, and though test results are a good guide to show obvious faults or weakness, and to give you the specifications, nothing can compare better than your own eyes. I don't think you will go far wrong with any of the well known brands of TFT and in the end it may come down to just the visual appeal of the monitor itself. Regards. j.

  micky1 17:13 20 Sep 2003

Thanks ams4127 that was the monitor I intially decide upon, but then I was reading a recent magazine review (I won't metion witch one!)which was comparing loads of monitors and they gave it a pretty poor review which put doubts in my head.

on a side note how much detail is lost when not running flight sims (or other games) a higher resoultion (sorry for asking, but I am just an notice)?

Well, I have just brought a CTX P922E 19" and and totally over the moon with it.

The colours are sharp and clear, the image rock solid and there is no "lag" that I have noticed at all.

So, picture quality is fantastic, what else?? Well, apart from 4 USB ports, and built in speakers, DVI and analogue input I dont think there is much else they could have put into this monitor. Highly reccomended and not a dead pixel in sight!!

  Djohn 17:31 20 Sep 2003

Not certain, but think that powerless has an LG monitor, if so he will put your mind at ease when he reads this thread. j.

  ams4127 20:38 21 Sep 2003

It's not detail which is lost it's just the smoothness of the graphics. In all other applications I don't notice it. My other monitor is sitting a few feet away and I can't be bothered to connect it. All things considered, I much prefer the LG.

I've searched until crosseyed and can't find a single dead pixel.

  Murray 00:05 22 Sep 2003

I've just bought 3 HP 1703's (I'm not greedy but I bought them for a friend and had to test them, you understand) and have been running them for a few days, they are very neat screens, not at all tacky like some of the cheaper models.

They are very slimline too - only about 1" all round the screen, and they come with decent Harmon/Kardon powered speakers

There have been quite a few threads of this sort - have a search for some more opinions.

PS I bought mone from Staples, if they develop any dead pixels they will swap them no q's asked.

  micky1 23:42 22 Sep 2003

Thanks for all your responses, I have finally decided to get an LG 1710B or 1810B. Is there any differences in picture quality between the two as I read somewhere that 1710B has a response time of 20ms while the 1810B has a response time of 30ms?

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