TFT Help - Hyundai L19T?????

  martd 23:13 16 Mar 2006

Been looking at the Hyundai ImageQuest L19T TFT Display with Tuner and Teletext.

PLEASE!!! I need some opinions........



  Jdoki 15:06 17 Mar 2006

I've been using a Hyundai L72D TFT for a while now (although have just upgraded to an LCD TV).

I can't comment on the TV Tuner abilities of the L19T, but the overall specs look close to my 17" - in which case I have to say, after the intial period of adjustment from CRT to TFT, I was mightily impressed with the image quality and brightness of it.

From what I can see of the specs of the L19T it lacks a DVI input, which isn't a huge problem, but I did find that the quality of the DVI input was better than the standard DSub analogue. Plus I found it useful having both a DSub and DBI as I could run my PC in to the DVI and Xbox360 in to the DSub

  Jdoki 15:08 17 Mar 2006

Of course that should have said DVI not DBI in the last sentence! (Oh for an edit button!!)

  Stuartli 00:35 18 Mar 2006

Response time of 25nms is not very clever these days.

My son recently bought the AG Neovo 19in listed herre:

click here

and is delighted with it. £187 delivered next day from Microdirect (just one deal pixel).

However its 12nms can be beaten at a similar price if you are using it for games etc - just look at Scan's TodayOnly page by scrolling down almost to the bottom at:

click here

  martd 09:24 18 Mar 2006

Response time is 8ms isn't it??
Thats what it states on the HQ website. Let me know if you know different.

Thanks guys

  Stuartli 12:45 18 Mar 2006

This link says 25ms:

click here

This one states 8ms:

click here

  martd 12:59 18 Mar 2006

Oh yeah, strange.
The homepage states 8ms so i'll go with that for now.
Thanks for your help. Its ordered now so i'll let you know.........


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