TFT 17"...LG?

  dawsonc 10:53 31 Dec 2004

Time for me to get one. Am thinking of buying an LG model, but confused as to which one to go for. If not LG then Iiyama would probably be my second choice. Be interested to hear the views of the ITK crew, particularly on the different spec of the various models

  pj123 11:41 31 Dec 2004

I'd like to get one as well, but, like you don't know much about them yet. (and still quite pricey for me). I have a 17" CRT but need quite a lot of desk space.

You could have a look here and check out the specs for yourself though.

click here

  pj123 11:44 31 Dec 2004

Just read this thread

click here

might be worth some thought.

  TomJerry 11:54 31 Dec 2004

17" Arianet Premium TFT Silv - 16ms £131.54 click here

  Meshuga 17:05 31 Dec 2004

Hi Awesome, I bought the lyama 17 inch E435S on boxingday and its a very good monitor and a recent survey in PCA said that "It knocks spots off the LG". You wont go far wrong. Meshuga.

  961 17:16 31 Dec 2004

I had serious misgivings about TFT because of dead pixels etc

I read a review of LG Flatron and customer's reviews on the Dabs website and bought Flatron 17" 1715s at about £220

Although they are cheaper now I have no regrets. No dead pixels and good screen performance. I accept that I could probably spend another £100 and get better, but I am highly satisfied

One thing I do know. There's loads of space around my desk now!

  bremner 17:28 31 Dec 2004

I have just bought two iiyama 431S's for work having used Viewsonic, LG, Dell and Compaq in the past

What a monitor - PCA number 1 for a year and only relgated to number 2 this month.

To top it all Scan now has the ivory one for under £200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

click here

  g0nvs 19:00 31 Dec 2004

Bought an LG1710B about a year ago. No dead pixels, fast response time, superb monitor. Cannot fault it.
That impressed bought new TV package by LG as well.

  wjrt 19:16 31 Dec 2004

click here

  freaky 13:17 01 Jan 2005

I bough 17" Iiyama E435S about 2 weeks ago, it has a 10ms response time....nothing else can beat that!

Bought it for £260, but PC World had a national advert recently in the press selling them for £199 ! I don't know if this was a missprint though.

Very pleased with it, and cannot see any dead pixels. They are supplied with a choice of three different colour, ivory or silver. The silver ones are harder to obtain, consequently suppliers charge more for that colour.

  pj123 14:05 01 Jan 2005

TomJerry, thanks mate. I still can't justify that price against £40 for a 17" CRT. In fact, due to the extreme generosity of a member of this Forum I got a 17" CRT Monitor (with stick on speakers) for nothing, for which I am very grateful, as a programme I was trying to run would not run in 800x600 but required 1024x760. My 14" monitor wouldn't work at that resolution.

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