A test of Acer`s efficiency

  andyhuz 14:17 14 Jun 2004

I am experiencing another problem with my Acer Travelmate 803LMi. This is the second problem in 4 months.I thought that if I made my complaint public on this forum that maybe it would help to ensure a speedy and efficient service.

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Bearing in mind my previous problems I am taking a different route to try to solve this one. I have sent a support request to Acer via their website rather than the interminable wait for an operator to answer the phone.

Here is a copy of my email to support:

"Will not boot at all. After pressing power button fan starts up but stops after a few seconds and goes dead.There is no sign of disc activity. Nothing appears on the screen, not even BIOS info. Cannot enter BIOS or safe mode. Is the same whether on battery power or mains. Had been working OK up to point of failure.
If I have to send my laptop to you then you can take the opportunity to correct your mistake of failing to install the 512mb of RAM it had when I sent it to you for a previous repair(you re-installed only 256mb)
I also expect that it will return in considerably less time than last time when it took FIVE WEEKS to return to me. If there is to be a delay of more than 10 working days then I would expect a replacement to be sent to me for the duration of the repair.
I consider a delay of five weeks to be unacceptable and consequently I shall be posting the progress of this problem to the readers of the forums at pcadvisor.co.uk. Hopefully this will encourage you to ensure a swift and successful conclusion to these problems.

Andy Hughes

Request Log No: # 166-115255"

I will keep forum readers informed of progress.

  wee eddie 15:42 14 Jun 2004

Seems to me to be an admirable ploy.

  andyhuz 10:49 16 Jun 2004

...there isn`t one yet! No reply at all from Acer at the moment. Soon be time to e mail again. Why don`t large companies seem to care about their customers after they`ve got their money?

  computernerdiamnot 11:06 16 Jun 2004

If still under warranty and you purchased from a outlet shop just take back the machine and get the shop to call acer there and then. The acer shop online is also very helpful. I hope you get sorted very quickly.



  andyhuz 14:22 17 Jun 2004

...and guess what? They told me I have to RING UP to report the fault. The whole point of going through the e mail support channel was to avoid having to do just that. Why is it not possible for them to ring ME? I have supplied the necessary contact information so what is the problem? In my opinion, having to wait half an hour for them to answer the phone is not an efficient way of running a support organisation.
What am I to do now?

  andyhuz 14:21 18 Jun 2004

...and I`m sending my laptop to Acer for repair. I`m hoping that it doesn`t take 5 weeks to return this time....

Watch this space!

  Kilobyte 23:47 19 Jun 2004

I know what you mean having to wait in a phone queuing system and being charged at national rates for the privilege. Hope they fix it soon, did you have to contact them by phone to get a repair authorisation?

  andyhuz 10:54 20 Jun 2004

Yes, I gave up on the idea that they might contact me by phone and spent 10-15mins listening to a monotonous looped rendition of Jean Michel Jarre`s music whilst waiting for them to answer the phone.

I`m now sending my laptop to them for repair under warranty. I was assured by the service representitive that my repair would be treated as urgent. How they classify urgent remains to be seen. I`m still unhappy about their way of doing things but it seems pointless to protest as they don`t seem to think their customers deserve better treatment.

I`m not impressed also with the fact that this is the second time in four months that is has been necessary for my laptop be sent for repair. It doesn`t bode well for long-time ownership does it?

  danpep5552 19:16 20 Jun 2004

Just about to order one.

Back to sony, look brave and cough up the extra

  andyhuz 22:00 20 Jun 2004

I should point out that maybe I`ve just been unlucky with my Acer laptop. I like it for its functionality(especially when it works ;>) It`s more the fact that I`m disappointed with the customer service I`ve received. It has it`s good points, for example silent running if you aren`t doing anything intensive. Sony could be better, or then again it could be worse!

  andyhuz 23:37 02 Jul 2004

There is a God!!!

Laptop returned after 10 days complete with missing memory! It required a new motherboard (that`s the 2nd new one it`s had).

I wonder if publicising on here has helped?


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