Tesco Value Computer!? (Acer Aspire M5201)

  philhodge2020 22:38 03 May 2009

hi everyone

I'm looking at buying a new computer and so far this is the best deal that I can find without actually building it myself. It cost £449 from Tesco Direct with free next day delivery. Is this a good deal?

I've looked at other reviews of this computer and the review are mixed. So if there is anyone out there who has got one of these then what do you think? The other reviews mentioned problems with the power and disk drive buttons being to close, and the blu-ray player not playing UK DVD's. Finally whats the graphics card like? I'm not a big gamer but like to mess around with a few of the COD games.

Cheers everyone

Acer Aspire M5201 Quad Core 4GB 1.2TB PC Base Unit - Dedicated graphics and Blu-Ray

Accessories Included none
Audio Features yes
Brand Acer
Bundle Contains PC base unit
Card Reader Yes
Features of Keyboard wired with multimedia keys
Features of Mouse wired optical
Features of Product

Powerful AMD Phenom™ X4 Quad-Core processor combined with 4096MB RAM for demanding multi tasking environments. Sizeable 1.2TB Hard Disk Drive for ample media storage. Blu-ray Disc™ reader with DVD RW drive. High performance visuals with NVIDIA 9500GS graphics. Genuine Windows Vista™ Home Premium offers a seamless and easy to use operating system

Further Information 1.2TB (2X640GB) Hard Drive
Graphics NVIDIA 9500GS 512MB
Graphics Dedicated Yes
Hard Drive Type SATA
Memory Size 4GB
Number of PCI-E Ports 2
Number of USB Ports 8x USB 2.0
Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium

Optical Drive Blu-ray Compatible Yes
Optical Drive HD Compatible Yes
Optical Drive Lightscribe Compatible No
Optical Drive Type DVD Re-Writer
Processor AMD Phenom™ X4
Processor Bus 3600MHz
Processor Cache 2MB
Processor Model Number 9550
Processor Speed 2.2GHz
Product Depth 45.5 cm
Product Height 37 cm
Product Weight 11.1
Product Weight Units kg
Product Width 18.3 cm
Software Load

-Acer Empowering Technology (eRecovery, eSettings Management)
-Acer Arcade™ Live
-Acer GameZone Console
-Microsoft® Office 2007 Trial with Microsoft® -Works 8.5
-McAfee® Internet Security Suite 2008 (60-day trial)
-Adobe® Reader®
-NTI CD&DVD-Maker™ Gold

  rickf 22:46 03 May 2009

Thos looks very good specced Lappy. I have the 5920G with the 8500m gs card and it handles the latest games in meduim resolution really well although I have not push it upwards yet. The card in yours is one step above so I think it will be a good card. 1.2tb is gtreat so is the CPU. It's good price imho.

  raziel08 16:57 05 May 2009

Sorry can't give you a review about this cos i don't own one but the specs seem really good and should be able to handle games quite well. I have an acer laptop which is nothing compared to this really (it has an 8600m Nividia card, Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz) and is able to play games such as Devil May cry 4 and the new prince of persia at medium settings quite well so yours should breeze through COD.

Am i right in saying that this is a desktop(tower)? If so you don't get a monitor however that might cost another £100+ for a decent one that has DVI (i think) output to get the most from your card. The HDD space is really good but might not come with speakers so that will cost another £30+

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:42 05 May 2009

click here it is a tower.


  philhodge2020 20:13 05 May 2009

cheers everyone who has replied, its very much appreciated. I have actually just brought this computer, so hopefully i will have it by tomorrow. I'll be posting a review as soon as I've given it a bit of a test.

Regards PH

  user8 21:25 05 May 2009

Are Acer reliable these days?

  philhodge2020 20:37 10 May 2009

For those people who are looking at purchasing this computer I believe that it's a good deal. I have had this computer for a few days now, and so far there has been no problems. However, although in the description the graphics card is stated as an NVIDIA 9500GS 512MB, what you actually get is an NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT! This would be annoying if it was replaced with a rubbish card, but the 8600GT is a good card and will certainly play most games on medium. Also the two outputs (DVI and RGB) this allows for duel screening.

The addition of windows vista isn't the best, but there are enough articles slagging off vista so I'm not going to bother adding to it! The first thing I did was to upload the new Ubuntu, and with the huge amount of memory running a duel OS is entirely possible. In terms of acer computers they may not be as good as others but there really isn't much difference (except for the price). You also seem to get a range of random software provided by acer, some of it is useful but most of it is just a waste of memory. The Acer Empowering Technology software can be useful to monitor the system, but you also get trails of both McAfee® Internet Security Suite 2008 and Microsoft® Office 2007 which are in my opinion just annoying. The internet can provide security and office like software free of charge( AVG and Open Office) and not for a limited amount of time.

The actual computer is a bit boxy but overall is it aesthetically pleasing. Easy access to card readers and four USB slots is useful, although the power and disc drive button are a bit large and clumsy but for those that aren't complete idiots it should be ok. I don't have any blu-ray DVD's so I haven't been able to test if it plays them. Overall this computer seems like a lot of computer for the money and I cant really find much wrong with it. Hopefully that helps anyone thinking of buying this computer.

Have fun

  Armchair 20:44 10 May 2009

What sort of power supply does it have? Make + wattage?

  vinnydapoo 06:27 07 Feb 2010

hi i bought one of these last year and was happy with the bundle.

i waited for the sales at tesco and got the tower and monitor keyboard mouse rcovery disks for under £400 pounds

after a year of using it i am still happy with the perfomance but would like a faster processor in the near future

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