Tesco Product recall

  BJN 16:08 14 Nov 2010

I purchased an Ipod Touch from Tesco Direct a few weeks ago and it came as a bundle with a mains charger. I received a letter from Tesco saying they where recalling the mains charges as it did not meet their high standards. The letter was clear take the mains charger with the letter to a Tesco store where they would refund the selling price of the mains charger.
Seemed very clear and simple until I arrived at the local Tesco superstore electrical department where I was then grilled by a member of staff. He wanted my receipt no mention of that in the letter which clearly stated my name and address from Tesco Direct. Next question was it part of a package if so it must have been a free item so no refund? He wanted to keep the letter and mains charger (my property). I asked for at least a replacement item of equal value to the recalled item to do the same function charge my Ipod Touch. No way it was a free item.
I requested to speak to a manger, non available,strange for a large superstore on a Saturday afternoon. It was only after I requested his name and the name of his colleague who had stood by during the conversation so I could contact head office did he relent and return my property and the letter.
I went to customer services who eventually found a manger after a wait of 20 minutes, she finally agreed to a refund as per letter with no apology for my experience and waiting time. The question is Tesco Direct knew what I’d purchased and paid for when they sent me the recall letter so why did the shop try to contradict this and what are my consumer rights regarding an item recalled which is part of a package deal. I would have expected at least a replacement item or if this was not possible a refund for the cost of the item returned.

  oresome 18:08 14 Nov 2010

It seems shoddy treatment.

I would have expected Tesco to supply an alternative charger to maintain the functionality of the original items purchased.

With hindsight it would have been sensible to take the receipt along to the store, but I agree that the letter should have spelt it out if they required it.

  Terry Brown 20:20 14 Nov 2010

For the cost to Tesco, it is nothing, but the cost in Goodwill can cost a lot of customers, and profit.

Perhaps they should think of that.


  OTT_B 20:20 14 Nov 2010

Sounds like an unnecessary experience for you, but perhaps a very necessary experience for the first person you were dealing with......write a letter anyway as it might just instigate some staff training. That's no help to you, I know.

  spuds 23:56 14 Nov 2010

This sort of service seems to be on the increase, because messages do not filter down from management to the shop floor in a prompt and orderly fashion. Regarding the unavailability of the main manager seems to be another shortcoming of some Tesco stores, but you can usually (after a wait) see a deputy assistant or section manager. We seem to get this regular with our local Tesco superstore.

A unit without a charger is just not on, and if it was part of a package deal, then Tesco should have asked for the whole package back, and gave a complete refund or satisfactory replacement.

Personally I would take the whole matter up with Tesco's main office, or whoever sent the recall letter, or both. You might even get some 'goodwill' vouchers for your troubles, in way of an apology!.

Asking for the receipt is standard practice, because there would be information on it, that the store would need. It would also be a form of guarantee if a claim was required on electrical items, and I would suspect that the rear of the receipt might state that.

  KremmenUK 07:19 15 Nov 2010

Does seem stupid to ask for the power source back and leave you with a dead product.

What Tesco store (name and shame) ?

  BT 08:15 15 Nov 2010

It must have been a bit of a glitch at your store. I have always been treated well at my local store.
If you can't get a sensible answer always ask to see the Duty Manager. There is always one on duty.

Failing that I find an Email to Customer Services usually bring a quick response

<[email protected]>

  anchor 09:07 15 Nov 2010

Yes, I agree it would have been advisable to take he receipt with you, but the letter should have sufficed.

Forget customer services, try contacting the CEO, (Sir Terry Leahy) direct.

[email protected]

  jakimo 18:00 15 Nov 2010

Under existing law,bundled free gifts are have to be fit for purpose,thats why you got the letter.

Still complain to HQ,you might get extra stamps in compensation for the stores poor service

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