Tesco 'Own Label' HP Printer Cartridges

  g0slp 18:11 11 May 2004

Has anyone on the forum used them?

Just noticed them today, & prices look competitive, plus you have the convenience of getting them immediately, (if you're shopping there), without having to trust the vagaries of the Royal Mail etc...

I would imagine that black is, well, black(!), but how about the colour cartridges (colour quality) compared to HP's own?

I didn't look closely, but they were doing Lexmark & Epson as well

  ch0pper 18:14 11 May 2004

I've used them once and I'd be happy to buy them again.

As you say, the prices are competitive and the convenience of a 24hr store just afew miles away means that I can get them quickly if ever the ink runs dry.

Tesco also ofer an immediate refund if you are dissatisfied in any way. You can't go wrong.

  spuds 18:57 11 May 2004

Tesco would source from a good outlet, so the product will be compatible with your printer.I tend to find that most 'own brand' cartridges are very limited in product code, so the lesser known printer cartridges would not be available. You only have to look at the 'own brands' range stocked by Staples,Office World etc.

  g0slp 22:04 11 May 2004

Comments appreciated - have added to shopping list!

  pj123 13:33 12 May 2004

Although this thread is closed I hope you read it. Have just checked Tesco price for black ink for HP 815C, came in at £12.95 I get mine from Choice Stationery at £8.50 Not very competitive. Buy two from Tesco, total cost £25.90 buy three from Choice, total cost £25.50

  g0slp 14:00 12 May 2004

Haven't checked Choice out; was basing prices on 'hands on' shopping + not having to use the mail!

Point certainly taken; thanks again.

Still useful to bear in mind if running out inadvertently thouth


  g0slp 14:01 12 May 2004


(Note to self - must ALWAYS read through before sending...)

  Stuartli 14:31 12 May 2004

Morrisons also has a big range of compatible inkjet cartridges for Lexmark, HP and Epson, along with the JR black/colour inkjet refill bottle packs at cracking prices.

Its still selling the (now 52x) Imation 10 CD-Rs with cases pack at £5.99 or three packs for £10 - never had a coaster and I've used dozens of them.

Taking advantage of the JVC video tape packs at two for £5 means eight new tapes will be adorning your videos shelf.

There are many other computer and technology related bargains at Morrisons - worth a visit.
If you haven't got a Morrisons yet, its Safeway takeover means that these stores sell the same items.

But don't buy your spuds there. They're £3.99 for 7.5kg at Morrisons and only £1.99 at Lidl, a price that can drop as low as 69p depending on the time of year...:-)

  spuds 17:02 12 May 2004

Spuds ??

  Stuartli 17:52 12 May 2004

You may know them better as potatoes...

  Djohn 19:38 13 May 2004

I think you may have missed the funny point of spuds' post regarding Spuds there Stuartli ;o)

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