Tesco Direct PC warranty advice

  cactusjack 01:04 14 May 2010

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of buying a PC from Tesco - online via TescoDirect (click here).

The Tesco Direct website offers an opportunity to purchase a 3 year warranty when purchasing the PC. Does anyone have any experience of using a Tesco warranty? I can't find any information where they state what the procedure is for repairing the PC if a part were to fail - i.e. would they send an engineer round or whether the machine would have to be mailed back to them.

I did so some searching on this forum, and found some posts relating to customer experiences in Tesco stores. But I wonder if Tesco Direct is any different...

The website seems unclear re: warranty repair procedures. If anyone has any experience of buying a PC from TescoDirect and knows more about the warranty or the quality of service, I would be grateful for any info or advice.

Thank you.

  ronalddonald 07:23 14 May 2010

Tesco direct is still part of Tesco. The warranty is probably peace of mind if something happened to the computer.

I would contact tesco direct as they should be able answer your query.

  birdface 07:31 14 May 2010

Read the small print.
My daughter was sold a 3 year warranty when she bought a laptop from Staples.
She assumed that it would cover her for accidental damage as well.
But the small print states that accidental damage was only covered for the first year.
They do not tell you this when they sell you it.
So make sure you read the warranty rules so that you are not let down.

  cactusjack 15:36 14 May 2010

Thanks for the responses.

I recieved an e-mail reply from Tesco today - it is interesting to note that if a fault is developed the machine is shipped back to the manufacturer. I wish Tesco would be more explicit...

I am tempted to buy an Acer machine now and then buy a seperate onsite warranty from Acer... seems reasonanly cost effective...

  spuds 16:46 14 May 2010

It looks like the procedures are the same as explained once at a Tesco in-store customer service counter.

A friend asked a similar question about laptop, desktop and the warranties for these items that the stores were promoting. Customer services stated that "You will have to contact the manufacturer". When my friend pointed out consumer laws, the Tesco Customer Care adviser, then changed tack slightly, and stated "You could bring it back to the store, and we will contact the manufacturer on your behalf". Seems to be a bit of a grey area perhaps!.

I know one thing, on this and other occasions none of the staff seemed very clued-up about computers and other similar accessories that was in store, it was a case of looking on the boxes for information.

I suppose its a bit like asking at PC World how do'nuts are made at the bakery.

  cactusjack 16:52 14 May 2010

Thanks Spuds.

I am in contact with Acer now. Acer sell their own onsite warranties for a reasonable price. I am thinking of buying an Acer PC from Tesco, and then buying the warranty from Acer.

Acer do indicate that if buying from PC World / Currys, then you have to deal directly with the store.
I have e-mailed Acer asking if I buy from Tesco, whether I can then deal directly with Acer for support through their own onsite warranty, or whether I have to go through Tesco.

I have a Dell PC at home which I am happy with - so was considering buying from Dell - but the equivalent spec with onsite support from Dell costs more... hmmmmmmm....

  ame 22:40 14 May 2010

... but you often get what you pay for!

  spuds 23:02 14 May 2010

Remember that if you deal direct with Acer, without informing the supplier, then your rights under consumer law can be reduced or void. In the first six months, if any faults appear, then its for the retailer to resolve. After six months, things become a little more complicated. But in the case of an item like a laptop, then the six year rule (in England and Wales)might apply. Five years in Scotland.

With Acer, you may find that they use 'approved' repair outlets, so you could be dealing with a third party company.

  dms_05 09:37 17 May 2010

I have two Acer laptops that I've bought in the past 5 years. I bought on-line and then purchased Acers 3 Year extended warranty for well under £50.

I've had to use the extended warranty for both machines and can confirm Acer offer a rapid and excellent repair service.

I chose the 'return to base' option and when a problem develops you ring Acer who issue a repair reference and supply you with details of the courier to use - I rang them myself and arranged where I wanted the laptop collecting from (the next day).

Acer email you when the computer arrives at their service centre and when the fault is diagnosed. You can check where the laptop is en-route with DHL's excellent website. Generally it takes about a week from first call to final return of the repaired item.

  cactusjack 11:11 17 May 2010

dms_05 - thank you for that! Would you also say that on the whole, the machines are well built / robust?

  100andthirty 19:58 17 May 2010

I echo what DMS_05 said. i bought a three year Acer back-to-base contract with accidental damage add on. After the incident with the beer(!) the laptop was sent back to Acer, repaired and returned with no fuss. The price - as I recall was about £87 for three years.

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