Terrible service from Mesh Computers

  Britmex 23:06 01 Jan 2006

On 26th Nov and after reading many good reviews I phoned Mesh to buy a £1440 desktop.The salesman took my card details and the purchase was authorised whilst I waited.I told the salesman del.date was very important and it was a Xmas present for my 2 small sons.He confirmed Dec 9th."Rock solid" he said.On Dec 9th all I got was a letter to say that my card could not be authorised and to send a cheque.I checked with my card company.Mesh had the money!
The salesman was so obnoxious I cancelled order.He said "no problem as we have not built the computer yet anyway!"Took them three weeks to refund the card and ruined my kids Xmas as it was too late to order from another manufacturer.Arrogant uncaring staff.Customer service a joke.
Wrote to M.D. of Mesh but only got letters from his P.A. with a bunch of excuses.AVOID!

  pauldonovan 23:11 01 Jan 2006

More negative comments about Mesh. See:

click here

Currently immediately beneath your post. All Mesh posts seem to be summarised by: if you have no problems, then Mesh are fine, if you do have problems, then they can be bad, as I suspect other manufacturers can be. We do seem to get an unhealthy amount of Mesh criticism on here though. I personally have had no issues with mine. Hopefully Davey or someone from Mesh will come along to comment on this one.

  Forum Editor 23:33 01 Jan 2006

your card could not be authorised? It seems very odd for Mesh to say that if they had already successfully made the charge to your card. Such an action (charging the card) would normally signify that the computer was ready for despatch, and yet you say that you were told it had not been built at that point.

You say "The salesman was so obnoxious I cancelled (the) order" - what was it he said that made you do that? If it was then 9th December there was still plenty of time for the machine to be delivered, so I'm curious as to why you took that step, particularly as you confirmed that "it was too late to order from another manufacturer" at that point.

Forgive me for delving into what is obviously a painful experience, but I'm interested to find out exaclty what happened here.

The three week card refund period is not in any way unusual by the way - the law allows the retailer 30 days from the date of cancellation within which to make the refund.

  Britmex 23:47 01 Jan 2006

Re terrible service from Mesh.When I first contacted Mesh the salesman def. told me that the card was authorised.Also my bank did too.It took me a very long time to get through to Mesh sales, almost 2 days of calling.The salesman could not have cared less,seemed disinterested and kept asking for a cheque as he said there was a prob. with my delivery address being different from my card( it certainly is not).The letter I received on Dec 9th was a form letter dated Nov 6th(apparently Mesh have access to a time machine as I did not place the order until Nov 26th).So instead of my kids excitedly getting their hands on a new computer all I got was a 2 day delay to speak to anyone and an uncaring one at that.
The salesman. gave me no update on delivery if I had continued.Seemed almost pleased when I cnacelled.
I have had 2 computers from Mesh before.They were o.k. but heaven help you if you need tech support or customer service.
In short they have totally alienated a repeat customer.Tried complaining to a sales supervisor later but very arrogant.
Unpleasant experience from beginning to end.Still have not bought computer ,read your mag. every month plus others but Mesh is off my list.Suggest your reviews should take customer service into consideration.

  Forum Editor 00:11 02 Jan 2006

In situations like this I sometimes offer to take up the case with the supplier if a forum member sems to have come up against a wall, but there's little point in your case - you have your refund and the matter's obviously closed.

  Britmex 07:10 02 Jan 2006

Thank you for taking the time to read the posts.Mesh def. took the money from my card as I have my credit card statement.I did get a letter from their sales manager stating that they did not take the money but I have it in black and white on the statement.
Still say that your reviews on computers should be tempered with up to date customer service data and comments from your readers.I noticed in PC PRO that Mesh came out bottom in their recent readers poll on service.Wonder why this is a recurrent theme?

  Forum Editor 07:32 02 Jan 2006

in reviews because of the problem of reflecting a situation fairly. It's extremely difficult to keep the information up to date without constantly polling readers opinions. What applies one month might not apply the next. Thousands of people might be attracted to a machine by its specification, price, and performance figures, yet be deterred from buying because of possibly outdated customer feedback about after-sales or pre-sales service.

Companies like Mesh sell tens of thousands of computers, and we see adverse comments relating to a tiny percentage of overall sales. A smaller company sells far fewer machines, yet we may see a few comments about that company's machines as well. Without access to each company's sales figures it would be impossible to provide readers with a fair assessment.

It's a minefield quite frankly, and that's why we stick strictly to reviewing the hardware that's submitted.

  spuds 11:18 02 Jan 2006

Oh dear, not a very nice start to the New Year.Mesh sales department seem to be taking some very heavy stick of late. Is this due to the pre-Christmas period and perhaps heavy workloads. Perhaps Davey as the answer!.

  pauldonovan 19:51 02 Jan 2006

...Mesh charge for the PC when you order it, then deliver it approximately a month later (unless it is one they have ready to ship).

(RE: "Such an action (charging the card) would normally signify that the computer was ready for despatch")

I remember thinking it was a bit odd and different to other suppliers but it was some time ago so someone please correct me if that's wrong.

  Britmex 09:42 03 Jan 2006

You are right in saying that Mesh do take the money right away and then take a long time giving it back.It took them 3 weeks to refund.It is also correct that under law they can take up to 30 days but is this fair.?In these days refunds are made electronically and take about a minute to complete.I know, I am in retail management.
I had to write to Mesh 3 times plus phone calls for my refund which meant they had the money for 5 weeks without doing anything.
I received a letter from their sales manager 2 days ago stating that the money was not taken(untrue,its on my statement and confirmed by my credit card company).Also he said that they had tried to phone me several times,also untrue as I gave them my work number and was at work all the time.
I say that is it is high time that PC Advisor conducted a customer survey similar to the one in PC PRO this issue in which Mesh came bottom with regard to service so that when you recommend a P.C. we get a picture of what life is like if something goes wrong.You are right it is a minefield but one the customer needs help to cross.

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