Tell me about PCSPECIALIST,what d'you know.

  polo 09:42 16 Feb 2005

I'm thinking of a new computer and like the look of the PCSPECIALIST website. Anybody have any experience of them?

  Diodorus Siculus 11:08 16 Feb 2005
  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:35 16 Feb 2005

It is up to you but I would never use anything but a credit card for net purchases, their explanation of CNP seems a tad odd. I have a feeling that CC cheques are treated like money (no protection)although I could be proved wrong but you are charged interest straight 6 weeks credit. They sound a legit company but the credit card thingy troubles me.


  Teaboy 17:18 18 Feb 2005

they do use paypal, Which accept credit cards. But personally I want the protection of direct use of the section 75 cover. So I wouldn't buy from them.

  JNOLAND 11:47 21 Feb 2005

I liked them at first upon shoping for a PC. But phone calls could not get through and what was said about buying with a card should be advised.
Before you buy, shop around for responces. You do want the best repair and return possable. There are several web sights to look at. Try this one first.
click here
I got one from Mesh before looking for customer responces. My loss in sleep, education, £terling, and ongoing headachs.
J. Noland

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