Telewest broadband - which one to chose?

  Ellie3009 13:32 08 Aug 2004

I am shortly moving house into an area service by Telewest... there are the only cable operator in the area, so I will have to use them, and I intend to get TV and phone from them too, so it doesnt really make sense to get Sky dish plus broadband plus phoneline elsewhere.

My question is this:
I don't know whether I should go for the 256k (£17.99) or the 750k (£25.00).
We regularly download files of around 7mb, but any bigger than this is unusual. We need to have enough speed to split the connection between two computers on evenings where we both need to work, though this would mainly be internet research (both teachers!!) rather than large downloads.

So, would the 256k be sufficient, or would I need to go 750k? (I really need to pay as little as poss!) Also, what are telewest customer service like?

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance :o)

  bremner 14:14 08 Aug 2004

As the service is always upgradable I would go for the 256K and if you find this is not sufficient change to the 750k.

I have been with Telewest for a number of years and have always found their service very good.

  ayrmail 14:37 08 Aug 2004

I would agree with bremner, you can upgrade any time.
As far as service is concerned I have had no problems they came when they said choice of am/pm and did as asked i.e. putting cable here asked.
Don’t have TV from them but someone did comment that they did not provide a long enough cable to move TV to another part of room, so would be prudent to ask before.

  Bart of Darkness 14:39 08 Aug 2004

I'd agree with bremner, try the 256k and see whether you actually need anything faster (I'm betting 256k will be enough for your needs)

I have their broadband, telephone and TV package and am happy with the service. The only down side (if you're a big TV watcher) is that even the top Telewest TV package has noticeably fewer channels than my Sky owning friends have on their mid-price tariff. So Sky may still be the better option if that is important to you. Personally I don't have time to watch the channels I have so it's not a problem for me.

  Ellie3009 14:57 08 Aug 2004

I think you are probably right, judging by what their website says i would guess that 256k will be sufficient.

As for the TV, i have looked at the sky website, and to have the same channels, plus pay for cable broadband seperately would be rather costly.

I don't watch that much TV anyway, except for being a typical female soap junkiw, but they are on terrestrial anyway. Its really my other half who wants the TV for sports and the discovery channel!

  dagwoood 15:39 08 Aug 2004

I used to be on the 256kbs service and it's great for surfing, a vast improvement over dial-up.

I then upgraded to the 750kbs. Pages load that bit quicker than the 256kbs service(especialy graphics intensive sites), but it realy comes into its own when downloading files. A 7MB download should take as little as under 1 minute 20 seconds, depending on how busy the site your download from is.

If you do start with the 256kbs service, all you have to do to upgrade is give them a call and the upgrade will be put into effect straight away(you just have to turn of the modem for a couple of minutes and turn it back on so as it can reset itself).

As to customer services, they are realy good on the few occasions I've had to call them(every time I rang them, bar one, the problem was with my system. The one occasion when it was a problem their end, it was rectified in minutes). They only charge the cost of a local call for this service.

It's a good time to buy from them at the moment if your a new customer. Free installation and your first months broadband is free as well.

I probably sound like a Telewest sales rep. ;-) , but they are a good ISP.


N.B.If you start with the 256kbs service, it's not a problem to upgrade to a faster service. However, if you start with a faster service, you CANNOT migrate down to a slower service until your original contracted period has expired(i.e.after twelve months).

  Ellie3009 17:09 08 Aug 2004

Thanks Dagwood, thats really helpful!

I think that decides me... now all I have to do is convince my other half that we can afford the extra outlay each month :o)

One last question though... re the digital TV packages... I want TV5 (french) and DW (german) as I will be a languages teacher. These are included in the most expensive package, but we wont be having that one.

Does anyone know whether it's possible to pay to have channels like this individually? I am really reluctant to pay £10 more for the next package just to have these 2 channels!

Thanks guys. As always you have been very helpful!

  Ellie3009 17:11 08 Aug 2004

ooh, i forgot! One more little question!

Once you order the service, roughly how long does it take for the engineer to come and install?

I can't find this info anywhere on their website!

Ta x

  bremner 17:30 08 Aug 2004

7 - 10 days seems about average.

  thms 17:57 08 Aug 2004

Telewest or sky for that matter do not do individual channels. I tried this with Telewest a while back but it was a no go. So changed to Sky as you get more choice for the same money.

Still have the broadband service though. i have had this for a few years now and have had a few problems but nothing to get excited about. Usually fixed without any fuss.

As has been said above installation was done quickly and you are consulted at every step as to where you want things to go.

  coopie 20:02 08 Aug 2004

Have had telewest for a long time, 750, great service, very good anti-virus for e-mails. Re your TV5 problem etc you may be able to view this on your pc. There are many european tv and radio stations available on broadband and, if not the exact one you want then maybe a very similar one. You may be better off with the 750 service for watching tv stations.

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