Telewest 2mb Trial Signup Frenzy!

  Jamesy 08:58 27 Mar 2003

Anyone else notice this? The site was so damn popular, it kept timing out! This was only like 30 minutes after I and I assumed every other blueyonder 1mbit customer got the email telling us of this signup page. And the worst thing was, I kept hitting refresh and eventually I got through to the last part of the registration process, the questionnaire, filled it in, hit enter and the thing timed out again! So near and yet so far!

  JoeC 10:47 27 Mar 2003

at 8.30pm last night inviting me to register for it. I went straight to the site and found that the 1500 places had already been allocated. So much for that then. : }

  AngeTheHippy 09:47 28 Mar 2003

You're damn lucky you've got ANY broadband from Telewest... I rang the 2 YEARS, yes, Y-E-A-R-S ago asking when it would be available in my area and was told it was planned for June 2001. Just been to their site, typed in my postcode and this is the result: >>>> Unfortunately blueyonder broadband Internet and Digital TV are not available in your area, however please call our Broadband Consultants on 0800 953 5383 for further information regarding the services that are available to you<<<< I find this appalling. I live within 5 miles of Heathrow Airport - not exactly 'out in the sticks' is it! Doubt you're reading this Telewest/Blueyonder, but if you are GET YA FINGERS OUT!!!!!!

AngeTheHippy - Grrrrrrrr

  nightporter 14:19 28 Mar 2003

Telewest are £5.2 billion in dept, and cutting spending all the time, I dont think they will be digging any roads up anytime soon. (shareholder, worst luck)

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