Telephones & Rented Accomodation

  interzone55 08:41 02 Mar 2010

I've just moved into a house I'm renting from a private landlord.

Currently there's no phone line installed and I'm getting confusing information about who is responsible for installing a line - some say it's the tenant, some say it's the landlord.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some definitive information one way or the other. I have a meeting with the landlord in a couple of days to go over work that needs to be done, so I'd like to add this to the list...

Ta very much

  oldbeefer3 09:03 02 Mar 2010

I have 5 houses that I let. I am NOT responsible for the phone line - that is down to the tenant, just like Sky etc. I AM responsible for providing water, electricity and gas (where available) and servicing the boiler and that's it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:25 02 Mar 2010

Oldbeefer3 is right, the phone-line is your responsibility.

  interzone55 09:34 02 Mar 2010

Thanks for that, I'll get on to BT ASAP as I need internet at home for work purposes (no work doesn't pay the bill, but it makes my life easier to do some work at home)

  wiz-king 12:23 02 Mar 2010

Sit down when you get the cost! Check if you can get cable - it may work out cheaper on installation cost grounds.

  peugeot man 12:34 02 Mar 2010

I would say that you will need the Landlords permission to install a phone line or cable.

Perhaps oldbeefer3 will confirm this.

  oldbeefer3 17:23 02 Mar 2010

It's always wise to approach the letting agent, but 99% of the time they will agree as an installed line is a bonus when re-letting.

  interzone55 09:09 03 Mar 2010

I spoke to my new landlord last night and he's got no problem with me fitting a phone line, he did say there's a line to the house, but no BT box as the phone was disconnected a couple of decades ago and not reconnected...

  oldbeefer3 09:10 03 Mar 2010

That probably means BT will charge the full connection fee, but you might be lucky!

  spuds 16:36 03 Mar 2010

With most ISP's now charging line rental into their packages, there might be a case that one of these ISP's arrange the connecting line at special prices. Perhaps worth checking, unless you go the Sky/Virgin way!.

Would perhaps mention, that some landlords provide phone-internet lines, especially in student accommodations nowadays.

  interzone55 17:31 03 Mar 2010

Nice idea but I will be using a lot of bandwidth, so need an uncapped ISP, most of the bundles I've checked out have limits.

I'll be using the line to stream CCTV cameras I've been testing to a remote server, so 10gb of traffic isn't unusual some days...

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