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  suzie005 16:48 19 Mar 2003

click here

anybody had any dealings with them before? i'm after a new digital phone which includes 2 handsets and an answering machine

  Yabadaba 18:46 19 Mar 2003

Hi suzie005
I have not had any dealings with this company,but they are a Which Web Trader and need to pass certain criteria before they can use this loggo.

  suzie005 19:39 19 Mar 2003

have been looking in the usual places and remembered seeing reconditioned ones a while back and they are considerabley cheaper.cheers for the info

  spuds 00:10 20 Mar 2003

Which Web Trader no longer exists.They dis-banded suddenly a couple of months ago.

  spuds 00:22 20 Mar 2003

Should have mentioned-If you use suzie005 link,when page opens, click on the Web Trader motif.This will take you to the full story.Anyone still using the Web Trader logo, are using it without the CA's approval.

  Yabadaba 19:15 21 Mar 2003

thanks for the information about Web trader,I did not know about it closing ,
Cheers mate.

  Magik™ 19:48 21 Mar 2003

i think you will find that the phones they sell are all reboxed, so are not new...nothing worse than waking up in the cold grey light of morning, knowing you have done a wrong un....

and the prices are not much lower that elsewhere for new ones......

  rct 20:11 21 Mar 2003

Look at click here Excellent guys, bought both mobiles and DECT phones from them. Also look at click here

  suzie005 23:15 21 Mar 2003

thanks love.was just trying to find a way of saving sum money cos the phone i have or should i say had was rubbish and it should've lasted longer.


i'll check those out.ty

  mikef™ 10:58 22 Mar 2003

Sue have you looked at Argos they have the Binatone 2000 dual with Answerphone for £89.99 which was one of the recomended ones from Which this month.

  suzie005 11:26 22 Mar 2003

have dismissed binatone cos my last digital cordless was the same make and it was utter rubbish.only lasted just over a year so have been looking at BT,Philips and Panasonic.i looked in argos/index,the link,curry's,dixons etc before i started online.i know that panasonic is reliable cos one of my video's is 15 years old and never gone wrong.i have seen the phone i like but unfortunately is very expensive for the set up i want

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