telephone service provider notifty BT of change

  mammak 14:57 01 Aug 2003

I received a lettter from BT this morning telling me a service provider acting on my behalf,(this is not so i never adviced anyone to do this)would like to transfer my call,s to this provider, i cant understand how this has happend, how are they allowed to do this without at least my written notification to do so, please any advice on this would be welcome
ps, BT could not tell me who this provider was ??
regards Mammak

  mammak 18:23 01 Aug 2003

sorry that should read Notify

  Stuartli 18:35 01 Aug 2003

I would go back to BT - as high up the management command trail as you can discover - and ask the question again.

If you don't get a suitable response contact Oftel:

click here

and tell them exactly what has happened and that BT refuses to disclose whoever is involved.

Oftel regulates the telecommunications industry and will certainly be very interested in learning about dubious practices by companies or businesses.

  mammak 18:50 01 Aug 2003

Thank,s Stuartli i will of course do that, as know matter what way i look at it i cant rest with the fact that anyone can try and change your personal account, whithout your say so thanks again Mammak.

  mammak 19:01 01 Aug 2003

velodrome yes that am grateful for, as one thing i dont want to do is leave sure if i take
Stuartli advice and go higher with BT, i will get the imformation i need, as i can say i have never had any bother with them ever thanks Mammak

  graham√ 21:22 01 Aug 2003

Unless there is Cable available to your property, BT used be your only telephone service supplier.

However, Oftel has decided that BT must 'Unbundle' the local cable network and open it up to competition, in much the same way as gas and electricity.

You may have become a victim of over-enthusiastic door to door salesmen.

It could be that BT is not allowed to divulge the details of the other service provider at this stage, for reasons of commercial confidence.

  mammak 21:23 01 Aug 2003

velodrome again thank,s we live in a small aera of southwest Scotland, we do not have cable- broadband ect, BT is all we know and i speak for a lot , when i say we want to stay with them, and as you said BT done there job, they let me know before anthing changed, am just a bit vexed
that these company,s think they can do this to people,but keep mind i only spoke to a young lassie , she mabye didne have the information at hand, so i will try again on Monday folks with all your good advice, thank,s so much for all of your response,s here,s hoping know one will take me over, as i for one want to stay with BT. PS in the past i have said BT OPENWORLD i dont hold much for them but FE has said on 1 other thread 2day they are independent company so "hail BT"

  spuds 22:59 01 Aug 2003

Stuartli's advice is good. You may find that BT will state Data Protection, as to any reason for not giving you direct information. Do not be fobbed off with this excuse.Go higher up, in the chain of BT command,if you are forced to seek further action.

  Stuartli 15:50 02 Aug 2003

I don't think that the police would be remotely interested....:-)

  mammak 17:12 02 Aug 2003

H-J i feel your right, someone has tried to use my identity, and it,s not a nice feeling, thanks to everyone for your comments, and i am still going to go higher with BT, so as at least i can find out who and how this has happend.

  Stuartli 23:58 02 Aug 2003

You can be being attacked or burgled but it doesn't guarantee that the police will always turn up - it's a question of priorities/resources at the time and, annoying though it may be for mammak, it would be virtually impossible to arouse any police involvement.

As a retired journalist I would suggest that mammak follows the course I outlined originally and, if there is no joy with either BT or Oftel, try the local evening newspaper.

If the story is strong enough bigger newspapers will quickly find out.

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