Telephone Preference Service And Advice Calls

  Newuser939 15:18 22 Oct 2013

I am signed up to the TPS, and it does reduce (but not eliminate) calls from people trying to sell me things. However, as I understand it, people wanting to advise me of my rights are not covered by the same rules. Why not? The calls are just as annoying.

  spuds 15:36 22 Oct 2013

Unwanted junk mail,telephone calls and similar 'annoyance' problems was discussed the other week in Parliament, and some of the 'watchdogs' were brought into how limiting they were conducting themselves in preventing these activities happening.

What was a little surprising, was an MP who seemed very much against things like stopping 'cold calling', because as he stated "it would stop him from telephoning his constituents, asking them, if they wanted any help"?.

  bumpkin 15:50 22 Oct 2013

TPS is ok but will only stop calls from those that abide by the rules which most nuisance callers don't. I have TPS but was still getting lots of unwanted calls so I bought a call blocking device (about £40) just plugs into your phone socket and you can set it up to block almost anything you want. I'm not selling them:-) but if you look up "CPR CallBlocker" you will be able to see the details of what it does. I am very pleased with mine, I still get a few as I have not chosen to block international or witheld numbers but the option is available.

  finerty 16:10 22 Oct 2013

you could unplug your phone and plug it in to use it, ive been doing that for a few years regardless of tps

  fourm member 16:36 22 Oct 2013

I've noticed that a lot of calls, these days, start 'I'm not selling anything' so I think 'information' calls may not be covered by TPS.

There is a problem with trying to extend beyond sales calls. Many professional surveys are done by phone so a ban on all contact would mean that the opinions of the sort of people who sign up for TPS would never be heard making survey and opinion poll results skewed.

  oresome 16:55 22 Oct 2013

We've been signed up to TPS for a number of years and in the beginning it seemed to make a difference.

But our proportion of nuisance calls to wanted calls is now at least 5:1 and we no longer answer the phone before screening with the answering machine.

  bumpkin 17:08 22 Oct 2013

FM with the device I use I can listen to the caller and if a genuine survey can continue if I chose to participate.If I think it is not or I do not wish to take part I will explain, if the caller persists I press a button and the call is disconnected and the number stored in the memory of barred calls so further calls from that number will not connect.

  spuds 17:16 22 Oct 2013


I was considering purchasing one of the devices you mention some time ago, but what happens when the number is 'withheld' or consists with a beginning series of 0000's. Or alternatively use a random set of outgoing telephone numbers, but possibly from the same call centre ?.

These are the type of calls, we seem to get more nowadays. usually anytime between 9.30am to 8.00pm Monday to Saturday.

  Forum Editor 17:33 22 Oct 2013

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  bumpkin 18:40 22 Oct 2013

Spuds, "what happens when the number is 'withheld' or consists with a beginning series of 0000's."

With the one I have I can block these calls, look it up on the net and you can read all the info about what you can or can't do. Stopped most of mine, it depends what you set it up to block. I can't explain it all here, have a look at the website "" and click "more information"

  bumpkin 19:06 22 Oct 2013

Spuds, I should have also said that you need "Caller Display" which is normally free and a means of displaying it if you do not already have this.

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