Telephone Preference Service

  laurie53 07:47 10 Oct 2007

Is the TPS any good? I have been signed up for several years but I still get large numbers of unsolicited calls of an evening.

Anyone got comments?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:37 10 Oct 2007

Signed up 2 years ago and I have not had one call but my number is ex-directory.


  BT 08:37 10 Oct 2007

I have found it very good. Unfortunately if the calls come from abroad they are not usually covered by the service but I have found that if you interrupt the 'spiel' and just say "This number is registered with the Telephone Preference Service and you are breaking the law by calling it" they usually ring of pretty quickly. Alternatively ask them who they are acting for (they are obliged by law to give this information) and report them to the TPS.
Its worth checking that your registration is still working, you can do it on line at click here, and perhaps re-register to make sure.

  spuds 09:58 10 Oct 2007

I am ex-directory and registered with the TPS. It doesn't prevent all nuisance calls.

One thing that I hate, is the increase of on-line sales that insist a telephone number must be given, before you can finalise a purchase. Then on delivery, the telephone number is plastered all over the package, so the courier can make contact if needed.

The other thing that rattles my cage, is the telephone call with 'the caller as not left a number'.Why should they use my telephone or fax number, but I am not allowed to use or contact them. It's War :O(

  spuds 10:03 10 Oct 2007

Should have added in second paragraph above.

Now everyone from Timbuktu to where and whatever, now as your ex-directory number. I suppose you could use a mobile number, but for some reason these seem to get rejected at point of purchase. Fraud prevention, I suppose!.

  skeletal 10:33 10 Oct 2007

I also get extremely annoyed by nuisance calls, often from people with extremely hard to understand foreign accents. They seem to want to give me “free” mobile phones most of the time.

I am registered with the TPS, but I thought I’d check to make sure (using the links above). I still am!

I have used the trick of asking for the name of the company so that I may report them, and they ring off very quickly. I do not know who any of them are as they never state their business name; it’s usually a case of: “Grunt, Huuuloo, uhn, uhn, uhn, muublll ffnee”. Some kind of rant from my goodself and then put phone down.

Does ANYONE EVER buy anything from these people????


  laurie53 11:31 10 Oct 2007

Thanks for the responses. I'm obviously not the only one.

I shouldn't have to go ex-directory to avoid these calls, though when I objected to one such call they told me, quite shirtily, that if I didn't want them to call me I should go ex-directory, which is outrageous.

Like skeletal, all too often if you try to find out who they are they ring off pretty quick.

Funnily enough. rather than foreign calls most of mine are fairly local, within 50 miles.

  laurie53 19:42 10 Oct 2007

Just had another one tonight.

Flatly refused to tell me where he had got my number, or to give me the address of his company HQ.

  jimmybond 19:56 10 Oct 2007

you've just reminded me that I need to do this for my mobile...registered my home number a while ago - but have recently been receiving at least 3 calls every day from a number '01132031609' - is now getting annoying. Googling the number reveals I'm not the only one.

You can't even answer it and tell them to sod off and stop calling you, as it's one of these jobs where they ring up hundreds of numbers at once, and a random selection of 'unlucky' punters who answer get a response.

  BT 08:10 11 Oct 2007

I too object to HAVING to put in a phone number when purchasing things on-line, but have found that on a lot of sites you can get around this by entering a load of rubbish. Quite often just putting in a few zeros works, and '1234567890' nearly always works.

  jack 09:33 11 Oct 2007

BT- This is a web form filling thing and providing you fill the 'required' field with ' a something' its good enough.

It is true that India based call centres will ignore TPS and ring - usually in middle of a meal and in a strong Delhi accent tell you their name is 'Donald' or 'Liam'- as mentioned simply hang up and tell TPS.
Another violator of the TPS scheme or 'Will writer services' .
They are in the main local firms and simply get the phone book and work through it regardless.
I notice also that not withstanding a fully complete form on line to TPS- I always get a blank form in the mail- So far I have not complete one of these - should I have do you think?

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