Telephone call from British Gas-an unbeatable

  jack 19:47 16 Sep 2008

offer for a dual fuel eal lfrozarn for three years
That much I got.,
Trouble was the caller had a thick regional accept and was speaking rapidly as they do- did not understand a word he said-
After asking him to stop slow down - get me a super vior - I said send me a mail and hung up
Why do they bother- I might have signed on - if only I knew what he was talking about

  jolorna 21:39 16 Sep 2008

i have the same problem they even promised to send a email on 2 occasions which never came, i also sent a complaint and even the person who rang to reply to that said he would look into and they should have sent a email, but even he would send a email so i guess one must read small print & be confused, maybe they are all high on gas fumes

  Stuartli 22:22 16 Sep 2008

If Briish Gas uses the same methods as ScottishPower, then it will be a third party acting on its behalf.

You should complain to BG as it will, more than likely, take up the case with the third party in order to prevent future similar incidents.

I've been pestered recently by such an agency, whose representatives have paid a visit three times in the past few weeks; most annoying was the fact that the reps inferred that they were either meter readers or that SP was my supplier and they had to "inspect" my equipment.

I complained on each occasion to ScottishPower, who did take the matter up with the agency but, after the third time, I firmly insisted on receiving financial compensation for my time and trouble; the cheque arrived two days later...:-)

  spuds 23:41 16 Sep 2008

Having recently changed over from British Gas to Eon as a gas provider, I had a telephone call from British Gas asking the reasons why I wanted to leave. After a short conversation from a fully understandable and rather posh speaking person, it was eventually agreed that British Gas could not meet the cheaper price option being offered by Eon.

  jack 12:08 17 Sep 2008

This time I made the call.
My Credit Card statement had a charge that was not immediately apparent.
So I phoned them and the good lady there- very cogent said OK the number reference in the statement is a phone number - give them a ring.
So I did- the lady/girl that answered said *<*<""*
So I said -'wot?' '*<*<""*' she said I said slowly please
On this third time the penny dropped.
A genuine chasrge but by a marketing co on behalf of the seller.
Why to they gabble so?

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