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  calonlan 17:12 12 Oct 2007

I realise that this subject may be sent packing as it is not strictly to do with Computerism ! but my friends on here have always dug me out of the mire !, so here goes.
I have recently started getting SILENT CALLS and the number which often goes to my 1571 comes up as "You were called at ???We do not have the senders number to return the call "
I have been on to BT who gave me an 0870 number and this transpires to be a Company called Calls Prevention Registry who say for a one off paymrnt of £22.50 (Pemsioner Rate ) they will cure my problem inside 28 days. I have been receiving these calls daily around 12.30 noon, 18.30 and 01.00am.
I am told that these are Asiatic Call Centres doing Speed Dialling, I don't know why.
This afternoon I had a call from a Company named Call Blockers who basically said they are the only people who can cure the problem 100% for a £54 once only payment. and I should get out of the Call Prevention deal which I had done but Ihave a 7 days think it over clause. He asked me a couple of questions and I had to put the phone down and when I picked it up he had hung up Great !!! Please has anyone any experience of these Companies or any thoughts on this silent call business
Many thanks

  tullie 17:27 12 Oct 2007

Ignore them,you are being conned.

  spuds 18:09 12 Oct 2007

Have a word with Ofcom click here or your local Member of Parliament.

  Acx 18:33 12 Oct 2007

Get back on to BT and ask if signing up with Calls Prevention Registry is the only way to stop the calls, if it is then at least you can complain to BT if a company they recommended company doesn’t do its job.

As for Call Blockers I would never give my details to a company that called me.

  STREETWORK 18:45 12 Oct 2007

Its a scam and getting worse.

1. You get calls at pre-set times.
2, A company then calls you asking if you want to stop the calls (smell the rat?)
3. They know you have been called at various hours.

I managed to stop this by asking them if they know who they have called. My reply is something like the local police station or better still trading standards office. They hang up and log the number as 'not to call'

You can ask them for their contact details and company name and report it to ofcom or even your own trading standards office...

  calonlan 20:20 12 Oct 2007

Thank you all so much for your comments and advice
It seems I may have been an idiot as I gave my card details over the phone. I received a receipt with all their details by email and of course it all seems above board, they have got a Website click here On the receipt it states in bold Your Cancellation Rights Are 7 days fron the date of thus email and it was dated Thurs 11/10/2007 The receipt was for 19.15 plus vat 3.55 total 22.50
Do you think I should cancel under the 7 day right and if so how do I get my money back ? Sorry but I am a bit slow on these things

  spuds 21:29 12 Oct 2007

I would suggest that you cancel the agreement straight away, do not wait any longer. Contact your credit card company and see if any arrangement have been made to deduct money from your account.If so, ask to have a block put on the arrangement.

In the cancellation details, they should have provided all details about cancelling the agreement and any refunds, if any money was taken before the cancellation period. Verify who as set up the arrangements, and if it is a UK company (it must be, if they are charging vat!) notify BT and Ofcom, especially if you think the nuisance caller is working with the company who as offered you the service to resolve future nuisance calls.

I would further suggest that you never give any banking details to telephone callers. If you ever have need to provide this information, make sure that you are convinced 100% as to their or the company's authenticity, and only then consider if you are doing something correct.

  spuds 21:34 12 Oct 2007

I should have also mentioned that the service provided by the company in your link, can be obtained for free (no charge whatsoever), by using the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

  Graham. 23:18 12 Oct 2007

Silent calls are often from dialers looking for a fax machine reply. If a fax responds, it is added to their database to send unsolicited faxes.

  calonlan 13:27 13 Oct 2007

My sincere thanks to all of you for your great help on this one.
I will mow take your advice and cancel. I have, as always, learned a lot from your experience and expertise.
Thank you agin my friends.

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