teflon tape

  square eyes 20:11 22 Jul 2005

Hi there,
I cant put this off any longer as im convinced there's a cheaper way.

I use my pc for playing games alot.
I bought myself an "icemat" small sheet of matted glass. Teflon tape stuck to the mouse feet vastly reduces friction and makes mouse movement very smooth. This is supplied but you only get 2 strips 2-3 inches long.

Unfortuanately the tape has a very short life span of just a month and the sites offering this kind of pad want almost 5 pounds for 2 strips. I would expect a roll, not 2 strips!

For those of you who know of this tape, is there any way or where i can buy it much cheaper as i feel like a complete mug buying from these sites.

Maybe DIY stores do something similar so i thought id just drop this in first.

Many thanks

  joesoaps 20:48 22 Jul 2005

We use self adhesive Teflon tape in rolls from half inch to 12 inch wide,would that be what you are looking for.click here

  square eyes 03:03 23 Jul 2005

yes that is what im looking for.
Please do me a favour and show me which type to get, there seem to be lots of different types and not targeted at mouse users, is tricky to pick the right one.

Thanks very much, should save me a few quid,

  joesoaps 13:56 23 Jul 2005

This is the teflon we use but I think it will be too much for your needs,it is used on the welding plates of pvc welding machines.

Maybe you could find a local supplier of specialist tapes who could supply you.

  joesoaps 13:57 23 Jul 2005

Doh! forgot to put in the link click here

  jack 14:41 23 Jul 2005

what about plumbers PFT[poofter]tape? about a £1 a roll or less from Wickes and the like
Comes in rolls about .25 inch wide -would not know how to stick it though.

  joesoaps 14:59 23 Jul 2005

Thought about that jack but it's too thin and not slippery like teflon.

  square eyes 16:14 23 Jul 2005

Thanks all for your help, it wont hurt to try this tape.

  DieSse 16:29 23 Jul 2005

Spray instead? - try PTFE spray eg click here

A google on ... ptfe spray ... wll get you loads of links

  square eyes 02:38 24 Jul 2005

Thanks DieSse, will deffinately look into that.

  ayrmail 10:27 24 Jul 2005

Teflon is the trade name for PTFE. It has been linked to cancer, so I wouldn't advise you spray it and sit in the same room for several hours breathing it in, would also leach in to your system through your skin, $300 million settlement figure in 2004 suggests it not a good thing to have long exposure to.

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