Tecstorm USB Hub

  [DELETED] 11:45 15 Dec 2003

I bought a 4 port Tecstorm USB Hub to save me all the grovelling around behind my PC when I want to attach an accessory. It works OK but if I leave it plugged in Windows XP will not shut down (even by pressing the Power button)

It tends to defeat the object if I have to disconnect the hub every time that I shut down, but 3 emails to the manufacturer’s tech support have elicited no reply whatsoever and, I can find nothing on Microsoft’s FAQs. Any ideas please.

  Stuartli 08:49 16 Dec 2003

I've seen this particular USB hub advertised for as little as £5 so impressive aftersales service is unfortunately hardly a likely prospect.

The firm's website is of little help.

It could be worth taking the hub back to where you bought it, pointing out it is unfit for its purpose under the Sales of Goods Act.

I have a powered USB hub (made in China) which cost around £18 a couple of years ago - it has been used under Win98, 98SE and now XP Pro without any problems.

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