Technical query on a consumer problems

  margarite6666 10:33 03 Jun 2010

I bought a computer from Chillblast which included a Ben Q 22inch High Definition monitor. They sent me a 23 inch DGM non HD monitor. Plus they changed the motherboard from MSI P55-CD53 to an Asus motherboard which did not have 2 DVI. They say that the DGM is superior to the Ben Q. Can anyone give me their thoughts on that. Plus I wanted 2 DVI which I think is superior to one. What do you think?

  HondaMan 13:59 03 Jun 2010

You did not get the machine you ordered. You may be entitled to reject the machine and get a full refund. Check these forums, it has all been discussed before at some length

  lotvic 16:55 03 Jun 2010

Telephone Consumer Direct click here they will soon help sort it for you.
There is one 0854 tele number or scroll down for the regional local numbers.

  lotvic 16:56 03 Jun 2010

typo: 0854 should read 0845

  john bunyan 19:20 03 Jun 2010

As the goods were not as in the description when bought you are entitled to reject them on those grounds under the Sale of Goods Act.

  spuds 20:02 03 Jun 2010

If you have all the paperwork or print-outs of what you ordered and made payment, then that is what you should receive. If the manufacturer decides to change specifications, then they must contact you first, for your approval of substituted items.

But consider that sometimes due to demand, parts become unobtainable from the original specifications, and the computer manufacturer might offer or even fit substitutes to complete the sale. But this is something that you are not obliged to accept, and can request a refund or replacement.

If there are any problems, you can also take the matter up with your credit card company or computer finance provider.

  margarite6666 11:02 14 Jun 2010

This was the question that i wondered about. It is fine to say in any terms and conditions that a company can change specs but they should inform you that they are doing it so you can accept it. This is not what happened. I have all the print outs etc so this should be easily proven.

  spuds 12:10 14 Jun 2010

Remember that you should make sure that there is an 'open dispute' on this matter, because raising a dispute at a very later stage might provide problems, because the retailer might assume that you have accepted the item.

  woodchip 19:26 15 Jun 2010

You can get your money back for up to 6 years for a problem like that. I just got back £625 through Customer Credit Act of 1975 based on the above, wrong gearbox had been fitted only lasted 2300 miles they refused to pay up so I claimed through my Credit Card.

PS Gearbox was supposed to be 12 months or 12000 warranty RS Transmitions of Bradford. Steer Clear they are rogues and can verify by pointing you to a web site. Gearbox was a Manual Gearbox the had filed it with old oil and Auto Transmition Fluid

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