Tech query - any help greatly appreciated

  davepigott 22:04 24 Aug 2003

Looking to buy a good, cheap all-rounder. Live in Birmingham and have been quite taken by NetHighStreet - does anybody have any experience of dealing with them?

Currently looking between Athlon XP 2400 and Celeron 2.6GHz - any advice? Does the Athlon suffer from overheating problems? Do I really need a Pentium?

I'm not a big games player, but want to enjoy the internet and play DVDs and look at my digital photos - will on-board graphics and sound be enough?

Which is considered better:

ASUS A7N266-VM Socket A Motherboard with GeForce2 Graphics O/B (nForce Chipset), or

Intel Pentium 4 Motherboard, i845GV chipset with Intel Extreme Graphics O/B (i845GV Chipset)?



  DieSse 00:09 25 Aug 2003

Whilst the Athlon will probably be faster, If it were me I would get the Celeron - simply less to worry about with temperature and settings stability.

But don't get the motherboard with intel graphics on - whilst fine for a real budget system, a seperate (no need to be expensive) graphics card would be far superior.

On-board sound, however is absolutely fine.

See about a Celeron in a motherboard with an 865 chipset - then you will have plenty of scope to upgrade the processor should you need to - and you'll also get other useful goodies like Firewire and 6 USB2 ports, no doubt.

  DieSse 00:12 25 Aug 2003

In fact, thinking about it more, i'd probably go for a cheaper, slower Celeron - 2GHz or 2.3GHz - and let the extra go towards the better motherboard and a GFX5200 graphics card.

Don't forget, all these processors are very fast indeed compared with the previous generation - you don't need to get blinded by processor speed.

  DieSse 00:14 25 Aug 2003

I was born and brought up in Aston (many moons ago) - if that counts for anything ;-))

  woody 00:46 25 Aug 2003

Do people still admit they lived in Aston? Is Kynock still there?

  Mysticnas 00:56 25 Aug 2003

any one know Redditch? ;o)

anyway... don't bother with a GF FX if you ain't into playing games. Get a GF4 MX version(440 or 460), that will suffice for non gamers on a budget.

I'd go for the Athlon, you don't need to worry about heating problems as the systems will be built to take care of the heat. You really don't need to worry about things like heat stability unless you're going to overclock your CPU/system or build yourself and not use the supplied fan in the CPU retail package.

an Athlon XP will be far superior to a intel celeron. Athlon XP's are comparable to Pentium 4's.

If you're not too fussy about sound quality on you're DVD's then get a motherboard with onboard sound, otherwise get a decent sound card for 5.6 or 6.1 sound. Creat Audigy 1 & 2 range. Most onboard sound hardware is now 5.1 anyway, but obviously won't be comaparable to a dedicated sound card.
If onboard graphics is a must then go for a nVidia graphics chip, not intel.

I've heard some unruly stuff about nhs... NetHighStreet. do a search for them in the forum.

  tenaka 16:55 26 Aug 2003

not heard of nethighstreet myself (call me childish but cannot look at the name without seeing thigh either but anyway.....)

THe main point used to be how cheap the athlon chips were compared to intel's equivalant but there's not so much difference now.

The point about heat that DieSSe brings up is a valid point but I've been with AMD for so long now that I'd probably stick with what I know.

  medicine hat 17:19 26 Aug 2003

If you want a real bargain get down PC World for one of these click here Its got almost everything you could need for the next few years. Whilst stocks last...

  anchor 20:20 26 Aug 2003

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