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  Diamond78 12:24 05 Jan 2011

Hi There,
I am a newbie so apologies if I have posted in the wrong place.

Well, I have had problems with PC World and Tech Guys before in the past. The first problem with them was last year in March, when they lost my laptop and then claimed that I had signed for my laptop and that it was in my house. However, after many calls from my side, my laptop was found god knows where.

My laptop started shutting down again, so called Tech Guys as my local PC World usually declines to take repairs although they have their own Tech guys department in the store.

Laptop was picked up on the 23th December and i was told it would be delivered on 9th January, apparently they deliver on Sundays.

I got a text message 3 days ago to inform me the laptop had been repaired and would be delivered on the 4th January. So waited all day yesterday and just like before, no laptop and no message or call to inform me of cancellation.

So I called and was told that my details could not be found and was given another number. Called the number and again my details of repair could not be found, despite me given my personal details.

I called the same number again, this time my details were found but the lady seemed so uninterested and was so slow. She said she would put me on hold for 2 minutes, yet 7 minutes later, I was cut off. I phoned back and spoke to a guy, had to explain everything like a parrot again, i explained how the previous staff member put me on hold and then I was cut off, he then said I will not keep you on hold that long. nearly ten minutes later while still on hold, a woman answers the phone. Both suprised, she told me that I was put through to a staff line at a warehouse.

So I have made all these calls and still have no idea where my laptop is and when it will be delivered and I cannot keep taking time off to sit and wait for delivery.

Can anyone kindly advise me what to do? I have lost the contact details from when I made a complaint last year in March. there does not seem to be any email addresses or local numbers to call. I only have a mobile phone and despite me requesting a call back from a supervisor or manager, no one has even bothered, just like last time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  spuds 12:46 05 Jan 2011

You could contact Consumer Direct click here for further help and advice. They may also have direct contact details for DSG/ Tech Guys/ PCW.

Regarding the return delivery for the 4th January, then perhaps you might need to consider that the item might be in transit still, due to that day being the first day most couriers companies started working.

  Diamond78 13:22 05 Jan 2011


Thanks for your reply. I will check the link and see if I have any joy.

  hastelloy 13:59 05 Jan 2011

John Browett is the CEO of the Dixons group (Dixons, Currys, PCWorld - [email protected]

  Diamond78 11:44 06 Jan 2011

Thanks for the email address. I had a call last night, well a voice mail message from Tech Guys saying that the laptop had been repaired yet the text message regarding the delivery on the 4th was a mistake.

The guy stated the laptop was scheduled to be delivered 6th Janunary.

So here I am waiting, currently using my son's pc. I have tried to find out if it will be a morning delivery or afternoon/evening but they do not have that option as delivery is between 7am and 8pm.

That is 3 dates now they have given me now, so fingers crossed my laptop will arrive today. Thanks again for your replies.

  Diamond78 12:26 06 Jan 2011

Just had a call from them after emailing the CEO.
My laptop will not be delivered today due to it not being loaded.( What ever that means)

Not sure if they are taking the biscuit now but its well out of order.

  Diamond78 15:13 06 Jan 2011

Tha latest news I have is not good.

Just had another call from the complaints department. The lady dealing with my case has told me my laptop is lost. The depot cannot find it and it is no where to be seen.

I was offered a credit note equivilant to the same price of laptop I purchased from PC World, which was one of the cheapest laptops.

I have so far declined this as I am actually quite upset. While I managed to back up most of my pictures ect, the more recent ones, I was unable to back up.

Can anyone advise me, what I should do. I mean there is n't much I can do I know. If the laptop is lost, its lost how can this happen?

  spuds 15:29 06 Jan 2011

You could use the link I provided earlier, so as to confirm your legal consumer rights, and what further actions are available to you?.

When the offer was made to you, did you obtain direct contact details from the person?.

  961 15:32 06 Jan 2011

My idea would be to ask for a refund rather than a credit note so that you can go to buy elsewhere

Settle for that

Because it may be well likely that this thing will eventually turn up

The question is, do you want it back or would you rather have your money back?

  proudfoot 15:34 06 Jan 2011

I would suggest you contact Consumer Direct as suggested by Spuds and get some advice as to your Statuary Rights.
You shouldn't accept any compensation at the moment.
Try and ask for some additional compensation on top of the cost of the lost laptop due to them being totally incompetent and negligent.
In the past when I have been hitting a brick wall with businesses I have threatened making a claim if the sums involved were justified in the Small Claims Court. That usually makes them sit up and take notice. It is not worth them trying to defend a small claim.
I realise nothing can compensate for your lost Photos but it does give some satisfaction and may make them more careful with customers equipment in the future.

  ajm 15:40 06 Jan 2011

If they have lost your laptop, you are perfectly entitled to get a new replacement laptop of SAME specifications ( and possibly Make ). The new laptop may have higher specifgication and lower price that what you had paid for.

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